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IDB Scholarship Programmes

Krisna Murti - Rabu, 21 September 2005, 17:07:00
The IDB Merit Scholarship Programme aims at developing technically qualified human resources in the IDB member countries by providing scholarships to promising and/or outstanding scholars and researchers to undertake advanced studies and/or research in the fields of applied science and technology needed for the development of the member countries. The main objectives of this programme are: a. To develop technically qualified human resources in the IDB member countries; b. To enhance the scientific, technological and research capability and potential of scholars and researchers in IDB member countries; c. To help meet the needs of the IDB member countries in areas of science and technology; and d. To strengthen the scientific, technological and research capability of institutions in member countries. The Programme covers two types of studies/research: three-year Ph.D study and one-year Post-Doctoral research. The duration of study of three years or 36 months for Ph.D study and 3 - 6 months for Post-Doctoral research is fixed and not extendable. The currently approved fields of study are as follows: 1. Laser and Fiber Optics 2. Conductors/Semi-Conductors 3. Polymer Science 4. Genetic Engineering/Biotechnology 5. Nuclear Science/Engineering 6. Electronics/Micro Electronics/Telecommunication 7. Computer Science (including CAD/CAM) 8. Renewable Energy/Fuel Technology 9. Hydrology/Water Resources 10. Metallurgy 11. Chemical Engineering/Material Sciences 12. Medicine/Pharmaceutical 13. Agriculture/Food Technology 14. System Engineering 15. Space Science/Technology 16. Environmental Preservation Technology 17. Technology Management and Innovation (For Post-Doctoral only) The list of internationally renowned institutions of study offering the areas of study covered under the Programme is available at the Offices of the IDB Governors for the member countries, the designated focal/contact points for the Programme and the Office of the Scholarship Programme, IDB. However, since admission is not mandatory during the application process and the choice of school is not open for approval until the candidates have been selected, seeing the list of institutions of study is not necessary for an interested applicant when applying for the Programme. In general, the institutions that are acceptable under the Programme are those renowned ones in the scientifically and technologically advanced industrial countries of the world (North America, Western Europe, Japan, Australia, etc), emerging High-Tech Asian countries and centres of excellence in IDB member countries. However, on an exceptional circumstance and on a case-by-case basis, institutions of study from other developing countries may be considered if their superiority in specific areas of study can be substantiated (based on research/teaching staff, faculties and facilities) as being the best in the fields of study proposed by the candidates. The Programme is announced between February and March every year (after the final selection of the previous year has been completed) through the Offices of the Governors of the IDB. The Programme activities are scheduled as follows: 1. Preparation February 2. Announcement of new Academic Year March 3. Receiving applications March-September 4. Deadline of application September 30 5. Processing/short-listing October-December 6. Internal/External review January (of subsequent year) 7. Final selection February 8. Announcement of selection result March 9. Admission and deadline March-August 31 10. Placement September-January For further information please visit,