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BANDUNG, - A brilliant achievement was obtained by a team of ITB students at the 2023 Web Developer Competition. This team consisted of 5 ITB Informatics Engineering students, namely Michael Leon Putra Widhi, Austin Gabriel Pardosi, Nathan Tenka, Margaretha Olivia Haryono, and Salomo Reinhart Gregory Manalu.

WEBDEV COMP 2023 is a national-scale competition organized by the Informatics Engineering Student Association, Padjadjaran University, as part of the Informatics Festival (IFest) 2023. In this event, participants participated in making a creative and innovative website.
With the theme of "Empowering Finance for a Prosperous Future", this competition invites participants to create innovative solutions to improve the world of finance and will empower individuals and communities.

This team won 2nd place by developing a website called "Coin Quest", which is a learning website to improve the financial literacy of children. This website can help children start saving and have good financial planning.

One of the team members, Austin Gabriel Pardosi, said that the process and struggle in achieving this achievement was full of twists and turns, also unexpected-interesting moments.

“Initially, we were confused about choosing between participating in the competition or focusing on the academic aspect. Each team member has their own uniqueness and expertise, so we decided to take advantage of our individual strengths," said Austin to the ITB Public Relations team reporter on Wednesday (10/1/2024).

During the web-creation working process, they take turns experiencing the main role in certain stages. When the D-1 deadline for submitting the prototype approached, they were faced with a big challenge because the prototype that had been made was still far from perfect. However, through solid teamwork, they managed to make improvements repeatedly until they achieved satisfactory results.

"The production process is not always smooth, we experienced several obstacles, including difficulties in implementing Supabase," continued Austin.

However, after passing through this phase, the project they created was close to the desired form and showed significant progress.
Michael Leon further revealed that their team had experienced problems during the deployment process when using Vercel or a hosting service provider. Furthermore, he said that the problem was related to the policy of the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo). "Even though we were worried, we worked together to find a solution, and finally succeeded in overcoming this obstacle," said Leon.

All their hard work finally paid off when this team was announced as 2nd place winner at the awarding night, which was held Monday, (20/11/2023), at the Graha Sanusi Building, UNPAD.

Other team member, Margaretha Olivia Haryono added that all the journey they went through was not just a series of events, but also a valuable experience that taught them about the importance of cooperation, resilience in facing challenges, and patience. "The achievement we accomplished is even more meaningful because of all the efforts and stories behind them," said Olivia.

“Receiving this achievement gives me extraordinary happiness. Even though the journey towards this achievement was full of challenging deadlines and quite intense academic demands, the success we achieved made all the effort and commitment feel very worthwhile," continued Olivia.

On the other hand, Nathan Tenka admitted that the deepest impression was a feeling of relief and satisfaction after seeing the results of the team's hard work. All the difficulties and pressure during the busy 5th semester became something that shaped and motivated them to keep trying. "This achievement is proof that we can overcome all challenges as long as we work together and try our best," he said.

This competition also teaches them the importance of time management. In conditions of tight deadlines, time management is the key to success. Communication within the team is also very vital, team harmony allows them to support each other and solve problems together.

"Even though it's not always smooth, this experience teaches us that good communication can overcome obstacles that may arise," continued Nathan.

Apart from that, Solomon said that when they involve themselves in a competition, they learn that the importance of understanding our position among friends in the field is a golden opportunity for personal and professional growth. He also admitted that this was a unique moment to test and improve his abilities.

Solomon advised other students to keep trying new things, especially during college. "Because valuable achievements and experiences like this can be part of our journey to success," he said.

Reporter : Satria Octavianus Nababan (Teknik Informatika, 2021)
Translator: Ayesha Lativa Mafaza (Postharvest Technology 2021)

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