ITB Jatinangor Festival 2023, The Festival of The Year

Oleh Anggun Nindita

Editor Anggun Nindita

JATINANGOR, - ITB Jatinangor Festival (Jatifest) 2023 was held auspiciously in ITB Jatinangor Campus, Saturday (02/09/2023). The festival was defined as a space to admire, create, and find joy within each other through art. This event acts as a culmination of arts, as it presents many engaging performances such as live music, fashion show, and video mapping.

This festival featured an assortment of live music by The Panasdalam Bank feat Pidi Baiq, Mark Natama, Nicho Benito, as well as MC Indra Herlambang alongside Valerie and Veronika Twins.

In addition to that, Vivat Academia Band, Digi Band, VCD Band, Captain John Band, Band Tendik, AK47 Band, ITBJazz, and multiple student organizations also performed during this event. The diversity of artists and performances sparked the enthusiasm of the crowd, making this festival apparent to all.

Series of live performances spawns new acts and representation of arts. From 12.30 WIB until 18.00 WIB, the show attested to the festival’s allure happening in ITB Jatinangor Campus very own Amphitheater. The infectious joy and energy of the event was impactful and memorable, and something that everyone--not just those affiliated with ITB, looks forward to enjoying. The event then relocated its main stage to the front of the ITB Jatinangor Campus Rectorate Building for the closing ceremony.

The closing ceremony starts off with a fashion runway, showcasing highlights from the upcycling-based collections, with the theme “Green Culture for Better Future” by the Arts Student Union (KMSR) from The Faculty of Arts and Design (FAD) ITB. This fashion show tributes the national costumes of Indonesia, honoring the cultural diversity of Indonesia in their presentations.

The audience was then displayed a video mapping collaboration made by Arafura Media Design and Visual Communication Design Program from the Faculty of Arts and Design (FAD) ITB.

This video mapping followed ROGA, a robot elephant’s journey to ITB Jatifest 2023. “This robot elephant was first introduced as the official mascot of ITB during the 64th annual ITB Dies Natalis. It represents technology with the current iteration of ITB logo, the elephant itself,” said MC Indra Herlambang.

Indra narrated the story of ROGA and how the elephant came to ITB Jatinangor Campus, attempting to hold a celebration event dedicated to the newly admitted ITB students. However, ROGA has to face multiple challenges along the way.

This video mapping marks the end of the Jatifest 2023 event, followed by a line-up performance of all performers collaboration from Mark Natama, Nicho Benito, The Panasdalam Bank, and the ITB University Secretary. The scale of this event itself represented the time and effort ITB students, faculty, staff, alumni, and affiliates dedicate to their creative endeavors, sparking the sense of unity across the ITB community.

Reporter: Satria Octavianus Nababan (Informatics Engineering, 2021)

Translator: Kezia Hosana S.

Editor: Anggi Nurdiani (Management, 2023)

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