ITB Students Beautify Cihapit Market Through Painting

Oleh Adi Permana

Editor -

BANDUNG, – ITB IMK (Entrepreneurship Student Association) "Artha" organized the IMKapasar program “Ngalukis Cihapit”. This community service project occurred at Cihapit Market in Bandung on Sunday (14/5/2023). ITB's Faculty of Art and Design (FAD) students were also invited to participate.

Naufal Dhamiri Syifa, Head of IMK "Artha" explained that the primary purpose of this community service is to enhance the aesthetics and promote Cihapit Market, which experienced an 80?cline in sales during the pandemic. Ngalukis Cihapit is one of the IMKapasar program's activities, focusing on community social activities.

Naufal emphasized the importance of the market: a nearby, fundamental, and entrepreneurial laboratory that is essential for the country. Through the market, inflation can be controlled, the distribution of goods is regulated, and the wheels of the economy can continue.

"We want aspiring entrepreneurs to participate in developing the market ecosystem in Indonesia," he added.
In the initial phase of the project, the targets of this program are traders in Cihapit Market. The committee will also repair the infrastructure. Naufal hoped this activity would be sustainable and its impact could be measured concretely.

Through the program, the committee also wants to introduce a wide range of community development activities not only limited to seminars but also done via art. Thus, many collaborations can be created to prove that community development programs can be done creatively.

Moreover, this activity continues of the community service initiatives previously undertaken by IMK in Cihapit Market. In collaboration with Lik Gayantini (person in charge of Cihapit Market), IMK is committed to conducting the program long-term and sustainable way to apply the entrepreneurial knowledge gained in classrooms in real-life situations.

Reporter: Fairuuz Fawwas Alfarizi Tantuayo Prod (Entrepreneurship, 2021)
Translator: Ruth Nathania (Environmental Engineering, 2019)

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