ITB Studium Generale: Threat of Terrorism in Indonesia

Oleh Adi Permana

Editor -

BANDUNG, – The KU-4078 course (Studium General) in ITB invited the Head of Kadensus (Special Database) 88, Irjen. Pol. Marthinus Hukam, S.I.K., M. Si., on Wednesday (23/11/22) at the West Hall of ITB. The topic presented was "The Threat of Terrorism in Indonesia and Its Countermeasures".

Acts of terrorism are closely related to the understanding of radicalism of an individual to a group. However, both are entrenched with a national mistaken understanding. These distorted understandings often lead to the desire for disintegration from Indonesia. This threat can occur any time with various motives such as political, religious, social, and more.

Kadensus 88 revealed that terrorism begins with the polarization and formation of certain extreme groups. In these groups, indoctrination is frequent and capable of separating one's consciousness and physique by radicalism. This mistaken doctrinal thinking leads to the people thinking their actions are “superior” and constantly resisting.

When viewed from the profit aspect, cases of terrorism are divided into three parts. The first is patron-client, in which those with a higher position may have more followers volunteering as servants. The second case is a symbiotic mutualism relationship that benefits each other without harming anyone. Lastly, the third case is the core and the shell, in which extreme ideologues often lead to free actions due protection from others.

According to Charles Kimball's theory, there are five signs to watch out for in detecting acts of terrorism: absolute claims of truth, blind obedience, wishing for an ideal age, the goal of justifying all means, and the calling for holy wars. In short, most terrorists only use beliefs such as their religion to justify their actions.

"Prevention of terrorism is not only done by arresting, but also by deradicalism which brings the state back to them. Arrests of terrorism should not be made by force because doing so would create new cycles of violence. Moreover, most terrorists are ready to die defending for what they believe," Marthinus explained.

Terrorist acts have proven to disregard certain communities- everyone can get entangled into it even from high school. Not to mention those people who are frustrated and easily swayed by the wrong mortal frills. Therefore, it is so important that we equip knowledge to stay away from the very harmful offers of terrorism.

Terrorism and radicalism are real threats to the daily lives and sustainability of Indonesia. The active roles and cooperation of the nation’s components is needed to deal with radicalism that is contrary to the ideology of the country.

Photo: Adi Permana/ITB Public Relations
Reporter: Lukman Ali (Mechanical Engineering, 2020)
Translator: Ruth Nathania (Environmental Engineering, 2019)

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