UPT ITB Library Accredited as "A" by National Library

By Adi Permana

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BANDUNG, (12/6/2020) - The Technical Implementation Unit (bahasa: Unit Pelaksana Teknik) of the ITB Library has obtained a Grade A accreditation from the National Library of Indonesia (bahasa: Perpusnas). Head of the UPT ITB Library, Dr. Yuli Setyo Indartono, said the achievement was evidence that the ITB Library met the highest expectations for the library.

"The National Library of Indonesia has confirmed the declaration of accreditation, but because of the pandemic, we have not obtained the certificate," Dr. Yuli told ITB Public Relations. He dded that the achievement of A accreditation was the highest degree of library accreditation.

Dr. Yuli noted that the accreditation evaluation carried out by the National Library covers a variety of aspects, 5 of them are: human resources, financial management, technology, as well as the stock of printed books and electronics. "All of these factors were then measured using predetermined criteria. Like most other accreditations, the National Library (assessors) visited the ITB Library in January 2020. The evaluation is performed for a day from early morning until night to see the current management status of the ITB Library," explained Dr. Yuli.

In addition, he also claimed that the tasks of library accreditation were not carried out on a regular basis. "The last time the ITB Library was accredited in 1980. Of course it has been a long time and now there have been many improvements so it needs to be re-accredited," said Dr. Yuli In addition, he said that the ITB Library was glad to do its utmost to improve the ITB Library.

ITB Library Towards Unconventional Library
In addition to adjust with the era, and the emergence of technologies that require change in different ways, the ITB Library is now creating a concept called an unconventional library. "The point is that the library is not just a place to borrow books. Libraries need to support research by lecturers and students. We will support plagiarism in checking software services and reference quotes in the paper (reference citation manager)," he said.

Dr. Yuli described this as an advancement in a modern library. In addition, the ITB Library will gradually complete its collection in the form of physical books and digital books and papers to promote the productivity of the research of the ITB Academic Society.

About Institut Teknologi Bandung
Founded in 1920 under the name of Technische Hoogeschule, the Teknologi Bandung Institute is the oldest engineering college in Indonesia. Currently, ITB has 50 graduate programs, 52 master programs, 27 doctoral programs and 2 professional programs of study. ITB is developing its superior research through 120 expert groups from 12 schools and faculties, 22 centers, 7 research centers and 6 national science and technology centers (Bahassa: Pusat Unggulan Iptek) to address various problems in the industrial world that will lead to the general economic prosperity of the community.

Reporter : Billy Akbar Prabowo
Translator : Muhammad Akbar Selamat

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