President of PT P&G Indonesia Shares Success Tips of Managing Business

By Adi Permana

Editor -

BANDUNG, - President Director of PT. Procter and Gamble Home Product Indonesia (PT. P&G Indonesia), LV Vaidyanathan said, in the business world, there is common to find some companies which existed long enough but still can go bankrupt. Therefore, we need a strategic plan to ensure the company will succeed sustainably till the next few decades, not only for short-term.  

This statement was delivered by LV Vaidyanathan in Studium Generale  KU 4078 at West Hall of Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Jalan Ganesha, Number 10 Bandung, Wednesday (11/3/2020). In this occasion, LV teaches about Constructive Disruption.

Vaidyanathan said, broadly speaking, there are five strategies which have already been implemented by PT. P&G in achieving success. The first strategy is performance driven brand choice. In his opinion, product marketing is one of the simple innovations that can be done by companies.This product marketing should have their own uniqueness to satisfy the customer's needs. 

The second strategy is superiority. It means the marketed product must have a superiority in the performance, communication, and value. The third strategy is productivity. In this case, PT P&G keeps focus on the operation system and product productivity, so PT P&G can always handle certain  possibilities which can disadvantage the company. In the end, this action will lead to increased company profit growth. 

Vaidyanathan keeps explaining about the fourth strategy, that is constructive disruption. According to him, even though a system or strategy has run well, the company still needs to evaluate and do an analysis regarding possibilities of error in the future. "Because no one can guarantee that the success we have achieved today will remain in the future until we make a change in what we do," Vaidyanathan said.

Last but not least is organization. To him, in managing a company, we need an organization which is empowered, agile, and accountable. “We have a unique way of recruiting and promoting our staff,” he closed. 

Reporter: Sarah Rismayanti
Translator: Evita Sonny