Arkavidia Informatics and IT Festival 6.0: Embracing Our Nation in Digital Transformation

Oleh Adi Permana

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BANDUNG, - Informatics Student Association (HMIF) Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) held an event called Arkavidia Informatics and IT Festival 6.0 at ITB on 8-9 February 2020. This year, Arkavidia 6.0 brought a big theme called Embracing Our Nation in Digital Transformation. This event consisted from a series of activities; competitions for high school and university students, IT Festival, talkshows and roadshows.

According to Mira Risty (STI 2016), as Chair of Committee, they chose Embracing Our Nation in Digital Transformation for their theme as a response to the development of digital transformation, especially in Indonesia. "As a student who learns about information and technology, HMIF has strategic roles, positions and potentials in order to help our government to educate their people and society," she explained.

Arkavidia Talk was a sub-event of Arkavidia 6.0 that invited IT practitioners and professionals so it can be a medium for exchanging ideas, adding insight about IT, and opening up opportunities for collaboration between each other. They invited Jo Yusuf Astra, IT Vice President of PT. Paragon Technology and Innovation (PTI) and Maria Tjahjadi, Vice President of Data Analytics as speakers. 

Jo revealed that information technology (IT) has influenced overall activities at Paragon Technology and Innovation. For example, the presence of information technology makes it easier for Paragon to observe market developments and sell their products from social media platforms. "The development of information technology makes us need to adjust things that related production activities. Information technology is a useful weapon as a supporting unit of activities, from the procurement process of raw materials to our consumers," he said.

Meanwhile, Maria Tjahjadi shared her experience related to development of information technology on online travel agents. She said that tourism business is one of the fastest growing businesses in the world. The existence of digital transformation has made many people have switched to booking tourism accommodation through online sites. "The development of tourism by our government and our community needs of vacation makes it become the fastest growing businesses in the world, especially in Indonesia. This business involves many sectors of tourism accomodation such as modes of transportation, lodging, tour guides, tourist attractions, and others, " she explained.

Maria said that online travel agent have jobs to integrate suppliers with consumers.  A communication between suppliers and consumers form a business ecosystem that interconnected with each other. In addition, the use of artificial intelligence supports online travel agent, especially activities. " uses AI such as search engine, name recognition, and chatbot to help our jobs in daily basis," she said.

Reporter & Translator: Billy Akbar Prabowo

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