ITB Student Won Three Gold Medals in Asia Ice Skate Competition

By Adi Permana

Editor -

*Vanessa Susanto competing in Ice Skate Asia 2019.

BANDUNG, – Vanessa Susanto, a student of Architecture Program of ITB, won three gold medals in Ice Skate Asia competition held in Bangkok, Thailand on 5 August 2019. She won gold medals in three categories: technical freestyle 3, artistic freestyle 3, and foot work freestyle.

Three months of training were done to participate in the competition, especially in foot work style category. Amidst tight academic schedule and practicum course, she make time for training once every two weeks. She added more training time to six hours four times a week when the competition date was getting closer.

The competition saw participation from 15 countries from Southeast Asia, China, Hong Kong, and USA. This is her ninth ice skating competition or her third in Skate Asia since 2017.

To date, her medal tally has reached 28 with most of them are gold medals. But she keeps on practicing and participating in competitions because flight time matters and there is no winning guarantee.

“In ice skating, even if you are good at it, it does not mean you will always win, because flight time matters,” said the class of 2016 student.

In a competition, she said, technique and skill are not enough. One also have to conquer oneself and to be confident without any doubt when skating on ice.

“We have to conquer ourselves and be confident of ourselves, that is the hardest challenge,” she said.

Competition also gives priceless moments; that’s why Vanessa keep participating on competitions. One of those moments is when Indonesia’s Flag rose on the podium and she made parents, coach, and country proud.

“I am proud to rise the flag on the podium. It is also satisfying to give the best performance for my coach and parents. It is priceless,” said Vanessa.

For her achievements, ITB gives Ganesha Karsa award to Vanessa on the Student Admission Ceremony on 5 August 2019.

Reporter: Moch. Akbar Selamat (Management 2020)