Two Bidikmisi Students of ITB Participated in Study Visit in China

By Adi Permana

Editor -

BANDUNG, – Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education of Indonesia (Kemenristekdikti) in cooperation with Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Indonesia sent 45 Indonesia’s students representatives, coming from 29 state universities and 13 organizations, to “Study Visit Mahasiswa Indonesia ke China” program.

Aminul Sholihin and Itsna Nabilla were the representative of Bidikmisi students of ITB during the visit. In this study visit held on 15-21 June 2019, students are expected to learn about China in terms of its development in culture and technology.

Minister Mohammad Nasir directly saw the departure of Indonesia’s delegates. M. Nasir hopes students will learn and take as much inspiration as possible from the event. Accompanying the delegates, there were Ministry Expert Staff, Abdul Wahid Maktub; Director General of Student Affairs, Didin Wahidin; Mega Gultom and Ismail from Kemenristekdikti; and UNJ’s Chinese language lecturer, Ivana.

Besides tourism spots such as Beijing Zoo, Great Wall, and Forbidden City, the delegates also visit Peking University in Beijing and Hebei University in Shijiazuang. The delegates had a dialogue with professors and students of the universities and toured the campuses. The delegates also visited National Library of Beijing, Hebei Museum, Horticulture Expo, and Junlebao which is the largest dairy company in Shijiazhuang equipped with modern technology.

The delegates were warmly welcomed by Embassy of Indonesia in Beijing. Director of East Asia and Pacific of Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that China was once a poor country but it raises with advanced economy and technology. When other countries developed 4G, China had already developed 5G.

Santo also said that Chinese people’s high spirit is a good example. Soft Skills that should be trained are knowledge mastery, demonstration of good character, improvement of work performance, display of love for nation, and display of confidence. He encourages students to foster the spirit to move forward and to take any opportunity to develop Indonesia.

*Contributed by Itsna Nabilla (Environmental Engineering 2017)