Studium Generale KU-4078: Creativity as Defined by Pidi Baiq

By Adi Permana

Editor -

BANDUNG, – Challenges have pushed people, especially students, to be make things creatively. Through creative efforts, future challenges will turn into opportunities.

In Studium Generale KU-4078 public lecture, the writer of Dilan, Pidi Baiq, shared his experiences in creative industry.

Pidi Baiq is an alumni of Faculty of Art and Design (FSRD) of ITB class of 1991. Pidi Baiq, who is usually called 'ayah', is well known as a creative person. Besides his success as a writer, Pidi Baiq also formed a band named The Panas Dalam and successfully opened The Panas Dalam café.

*Pidi Baiq and FSRD Lecturer, Dr. Intan Rizky Mutiaz M.Ds., as the moderator (Doc. Humas ITB)

Pidi Baiq loves challenges. His novel, Dilan is unconventional both in its language use and plot. Pidi Baiq wants his works to be authentic, not edited. Unexpectedly, his works are well received.

Pidi Baiq explained the difference between creative and scientific minds. In order to be creative, scientific thinking should be avoided because it might ‘brake’ creativity. “Being creative is a myth if your mentality remains scientific,” he said.

He entertained the attendances of SG KU-4078 using both humor and seriousness when he addressed his lecture. He also played his guitar and sang a unique song. “I will always create works as long as I have time to do so,” he said.

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