ITB Students Won 3rd Place in National Outstanding Students Selection 2017

By Aldy Kurnia Ramadhan

Editor -

BANDUNG, – A student of ITB was one of the winner in the National Outstanding Students Selection 2017 held by the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education in Surabaya. Muhammad Al Kahfi, a student of Mathematics Program of ITB won the third place under ‘undergraduate’ category. The selection was held at Swiss-Bellinn Hotel on 10-13 July 2017 and involved 17 undergraduate students and 9 Diploma students from various universities in Indonesia.

The Endeavor

Kahfi’s road to the selection was quite rough. He should participated in many outstanding students competitions first, at study program, faculty, and university levels. After selected as ITB’s Outstanding Student, he participated in National Outstanding Students Competition where every university could register one student in each category. After selection based on GPA, academic writings, and English video presentation of the writings, he then got selected as one of 17 students that participated in the final phase in Surabaya.

Islamic Insurance

Kahfi carried Islamic Insurace theme on his academic writing. Two main points he explained on his writing are the development strategy of Islamic insurance company in Indonesia and the mathematic model of insurance premium allocation in Islamic life insurance. “So, premium in life insurance is divided to three divisions by the company. I then determine the optimized portion for each division using actuary and math tools” he explained. He is happy that his idea could bring him to win the 3rd place in the selection. Initially, he hesitated to participate in the national level because it would be his first non-mathematics competition during his university years. He also found it rather difficult to use English for the video, and thought he lacked the insight on Indonesian social issues. But, all that is resolved with full support from the university. “Thank you to all supporters that helped me since the initial phase to the final phase of the selection yesterday. To my fellow students, let’s be more productive and be successful in your field of interest” he concluded.

Photo: Personal Documentation