Obituary: Prof. Dr. Ir. Ubuh Buchara Hidajat

By Fatimah Larassati

Editor -

BANDUNG, - ITB once again lost one of its best lecturers on Monday (04/04/16) at midnight. Prof. Dr. Ir. Ubuh Buchara Hidajat, a professor from Engineering Management of the Industrial Engineering Program passed away at the age of 65 in Sentosa Hospital, Bandung. Prod. Ubuh has devoted himself as a lecturer for Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management department for the last 36 years.

Prof. Ubuh was one of the alumni of ITB's Industrial Engineering who started his study in 1969, followed by pursuing a master degree and doctoral studies at the Universite de Grenoble, France. During his time as a lecturer, Prof. Ubuh has published numerous papers, some of them being a paper entitled 'A Framework for Quality Culture Implementation' that he wrote with Dr. Arief Rahmana, Prof. Dr. Ir. Dradjad Irianto, M.Eng., and Dr. Indryati Sunaryo, M.Sc. in 2009, and 'Organization Structure Selection Based on Combination Between Time Horizon Analysis and Analytic Hierarchy Process' which he co-authored with current chancellor Prof. Dr. Ir. Kadarsah Suryadi, DEA.

Prof. Ubuh was known as a friendly, warm, nurturing figure and provides encouragement and motivation. Prof. Dr. Ir. Dermawan Wibisono, M.Eng., a senior lecturer in School of Business and Management ITB (SBM-ITB), said in his writing a story about Prof. Ubuh's encouragement for him when he was first assigned as a lecturer for Master of Business and Management (MBA) ITB. Dermawan gained protest from his colleagues because he just recently finished master's study before being appointed as a lecturer for MBA ITB. Instead of protesting, Prof. Ubuh came to him after class and gave encouragement for Dermawan to pursue another lectures and materials the class.

Dedication and Perseverance

Prof. Ubuh was one of the founders of the Faculty of Engineering of Universitas Islam Bandung (Unisba), as well as having a major role in helping many graduates from College of Industrial Engineering (STMI), a government's institution of higher education under the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia.

In 2015, along with four other lecturers from Industrial Engineering Program, Prof. Ubuh was given an award for his 35 year dedication to ITB. This was an astonishing achievement, considering a limitation in his movement caused by stroke that he has been battling for the last 10 years. The stroke limited his communication ability and forced him to sit on a wheel chair, nonetheless he never missed a class.

According to Nadia Shafira Novarena (Industrial Engineering 2012), one of Prof. Ubuh's academic assistant for Engineering Economic lecture, Prof. Ubuh wass a very kind and affectionate lecturer. There were many things to be admired, the most prominent one would be his perseverance and dedication as a lecturer given the predicament he has to face.
Farewell, Mr. Ubuh.

Musa Kazhim
Dafi Adinegoro

ITB Journalist Apprentice 2016

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