258 ITB Students Official Achieved West Java Government Scholarship 2015

By Cintya Nursyifa

Editor -

BANDUNG, itb.ac.id - Approximately 258 students ITB got away in a series of West Java Government Scholarship 2016 selection stage. The inauguration of the receipt of a scholarship Government of West Java Province (Pemprov Jabar) in Sasana Budaya Ganesha on Thursday (25/02/16) hold yet. This activity is intended to legalize hundreds of ITB students and students from other 72 universities as grantee which lasted formally. Event held to promote education in West Java Governor attended by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan, Vice Governor Dedy Mizwar, Regional Deputy Director of  PLN of Middlest Java, Representative of Rector from 6 universities including ITB, and other relevant provincial figures. Muhammad Hanif (Electrical Engineering 2014), grantee Governor List with perfect GPA get a chance to represent as ITB student in symbolic surrender of Governor of West Java.

"There is no developed country except after advancing the education. Costs allocated to education is not an expense, but an investment of human resources. The faster in mastering science and technology, more quickly in surging prosperity in Indonesia. The abundant natural resources need to support by superior human resources competency. In addition social science still needed to compensate for the distribution of competence that should be owned by human resources in Indonesia. As the nation with the second largest biodiversity, Indonesia should be capable of processing natural resources from upstream to downstream, "said Aher while delivering his speech. Processing from upstream to downstream or from raw material until being foreign exchange is a form of independence. ITB as an university that organized the quality improvement of human resources, has implemented target of graduates who have the skills to cultivate a commodities independently and integrated until ready to use.

In this budget year, type of the  provincial government scholarship received by TB students includes 3 types of scholarships reserved for the entire level. Three types of scholarship are tuition fees, Governor List, and the final project. The main criteria for this scholarship is  resident of West Java and a good academic grades. This scholarship also has period intervals each year and regularly provided to students of ITB that have match specifications. At this time also initiated the contract signing among Lazis Cahaya Pintar scholarship from PLN (State Electricity Industry) and 6 state universities in West Java including ITB. With a scholarship awarded to student body, ITB as educational institutions have a greater opportunity to be always productive tainted produce graduates who contribute to the advancement of the nation.

Documentation source: West Java Education Office