Again, ITB Got Awards in National Robotics Competition 2014

By Mega Liani Putri

Editor -

YOGYAKARTA, - ITB Robotics club put ITB's name high again in national robotics competition, Kontes Robot Indonesia (KRI) 2014). This annual competition was hosted in Public Yogyakarta University (UNY) on Tuesday-Friday (24-27/06/14). ITB got two awards which were The Best Artistic Robot and Runner-Up.

The national robotics competition was followed by 104 teams who came from various universities. The teams successfully got through the regional selection at first. ITB was the top winner in KRI Regional II and sent four teams to the national level which are Parivara team in Kontes Robot ABU Indonesia (KRAI) category, Dago Hoogeschool in Kontes Robot Sepak Bola Indonesia (KRSBI, soccer) category, Viva La Ganesha in Kontes Robot Pemadam Api Indonesia (KRPAI, fire fighter, legged division), and Dago Concordia team in Kontes Robot Seni Indonesia (KRSI, artistic robot).

All of the ITB teams successfully entered the quarter final of all categories. "From the other iniversities, Sepuluh November Institute of Technology (ITS) and Surabaya Public Electrical Polytechnics  are still our formidable opponents," Andini Noviana (Electrical Engineering 2011) exclaimed. Dago Hoogeschool team members were Primawan Dwi Nugroho (Electrical Engineering 2011), Muhammad Luqman (Electrical Engineering 2011), Hannan Prasasta Widyadana (Physics 2011), Imre Nagi (Electrical Engineering 2010), dan Wahyu Trisvianto (Physics 2012). They got to participate into the quarter final and took the runner up awards. Then, the Dago Concordia team whose members were Yaqub Aris Prabowo (Eletrical Engineering 2011), Bima Nugraha Sanusi (Electrical Engineering 2011), Sholehhudin Al Ayubi (Physic 2011), dan Alinda Nur Fitriana (Electrical Engineering 2012) got award on the Best Artistic Robot in KRI category.

"Eventhough there were little obstacles we faces, Alhamdulillah we did some improvements this year. We had put our best effort although the result was not the maximal one actually. In sya Allah next year will be better,"Andini added.