ITB Pharmacist Students Got Award on Business Plan

By Mega Liani Putri

Editor -

BANDUNG, - ITB students achieved The Best Group and The Best Business Plan category in Biocamp competition held by PT Novartis Indonesia which cooperated with The Ministry of Research and Technology. The students are Lia Agustina and Estherina Juliana Marbun (Pharmacy). The award was given on (02-05/07/13) in Jakarta.

Biocamp was a competition concerned about the insight of pharmacy research and international business. "The main programs of this event were the talk about the use of technology and business plan competition. The best students in national camp would be sent as the delegates in international level," Esther said. Lia and Esther were ITB delegations who were directly recommended by Pharmacy major staffs.

Throughout the Biocamp, Lia and Esther were given a case which was to create marketing strategy of the latest medicine launch only in 2-3 hours. The marketing strategy was then presented in English. According to Esther, the got some points that could make them won the competition. Their business plan was related well with the case and presented completely with the finance accounting. In the case, the product was the hard drugs which could not be sell and advertised freely. Esther designed a marketing plan by approaching the doctors, government, and the foundation which were related to the sickness. Based on the standard, she analyzed the SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat) and then made the marketing plan for two years. She also made list of the worker numbers in marketing division and financial accounting to get the first stock back.

Competing with the students from business graduate program, biotechnology, pharmacy, doctors, and pharmacy was Esther's chance to improve her knowledge, link, and experience. She could see business in different view and did it according to the rules in pharmacy terms. Esther confessed that she was not interested in business before because she thought that her little knowledge on that job field. She said that any students from any majors, especially in ITB which concentrated in science and engineering, got to understand business well. "If there is a chance, please follow the event outside your major. Don't hesitate to try. Take the time as a student to try lots of things, explore yourself, and improve your horizons," Esther ended the interview.