Chairman of HIPMI Awaken the Entrepreneurial Spirit ITB Students Through Studium Generale

By Nida Nurul Huda

Editor -

BANDUNG , - Hundreds of students from various courses at ITB attend the Studium Generale Public Lecture held on Wednesday ( 11.06.13 ) . The public lecture was held in the West Hall ITB is themed " Networking in entrepreneurship " . The public lecture will present Chairman of the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association ( HIPMI ) , Raja Sapta Oktohari .
Indonesia Raya song became a marker of the start of Studium Generale . The event was preceded by remarks from representatives of ITB Student Organizations ( LK ITB ) . The remarks followed by Nurana Beautiful Paramitha ( Chairman HIPMI Bandung ) , founder of the Association seeks ITB . In the speech , Beautiful Association seeks to explain the real role of the 41 -year keberjalanannya .

Raja Sapta began his lecture by explaining the meaning of entrepreneurship . He said that entrepreneurship is not only a profession , but also mentality . Currently , Indonesia has managed to master the ASEAN market despite the fact that Indonesia has not managed to control its own domestic market . Indonesian people tend to become spectators in their own country . " It is time for Indonesia to further strengthen human resource sectors in developing economies . This should be done for the sake of the democratic party in the face of turmoil in 2014 and the ASEAN - China Free Trade Area ( ACFTA ) by 2015 , " said Raja Sapta .

Indonesia is the country with the highest number of labor force in ASEAN . In addition, the ITB is one of the colleges that have quality resources in the face of global competition . " With the number of productive age population of 119 million , Indonesia needs people who have a strong mentality and no corruption so that no more people of Indonesia are a spectacle in their own country , " he said excitedly .

In this public lecture , Raja Sapta also revealed about the IT challenges of building networking in entrepreneurship . According to him , the IT sector is a challenge and a great opportunity . To that end , he stressed the importance of improvisation and quality improvement . " Never be afraid to compete and hone their creativity, " he said again .

At the end of the lecture, Raja Sapta emphasized the importance of taking advantage of opportunities in the friendship . He asked ITB students who are interested in the world of entrepreneurship to not limit the friendship zone and is not afraid to compete . It aims to expand the network and open up all chance of success there .

By : Ninik Susadi and Ahmad Ibrahim Fahmi ( ITB Journalist Apprentice 2013)

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