CFN 2012 Talk Show: Healthy Life with Chemistry

By Diviezetha Astrella Thamrin

Editor -

BANDUNG, - The Association Students of Chemical Science (HMK AMISCA) ITB held a talk show on Saturday (24/11/12) at The Auditorium of East Campus Center ITB. Promoting "Stay Healthy with Chemistry" as its title, this talk show is one of the biggest event from Chemistry for Nation (CFN) 2012. Chemistry for Nation is an annual event held by HMK AMISCA ITB, with Food Chemistry as this year's theme.

Chef Bara Pattiradjawane, one of Indonesia's well known chef, was hosting this talk show. Other speakers attending this event were Dr. Megawati Santoso and Dr. Rer. Nat. Sophi Damayanti, ITB's lecturers from Chemical Science and Pharmacy, and Mimi Hayati from Quality Assurance division in Mayora Group.

Chemistry is one of the basic knowledge applied in our daily life, including food and what we consume every day. Truth to be told, food which has to meet the standard for consumption is not as simple as it would've been expected. Food has to be processed in right way from the selection of fresh ingredients, the proper way of cooking, and the cleanliness of serving the food.

In this talk show, the speakers explained ways to maintain contained nutrition in food by chemical processes during food processing. Then, this nutrition will be absorbed by human's body optimally. "As chemists, we have to deliver the right way of food processing to other people," said Mega.

One event which was held as one of CFN 2012's series in November was Kitchen Chemistry Project (KCP). KCP was an event which was conducted to stimulate elementary and junior high students' interest in food chemistry by doing simple yet attractive chemical experiments.

KCP was held on Saturday (10/11/12). Beside KCP, there was also Chemistry Competition for high school students attended by students from Banten, West Java, and DKI Jakarta. CFN 2012 was ended by conducting a talk show, cooking demonstration by Chef Bara, and a folk culinary festival.

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