Menkominfo RI Gave Public Lecture on the Development of IT in Indonesia

By Hastri Royyani

Editor -

BANDUNG, - National Minister of Communications and Information Technology (Menkominfo), Tifatul Sembiring, delivered public lecture on the development of information technology (IT) in Indonesia on Wednesday (25/04/12) at ITB West Hall. The lecture also served as opening of the 8th e-Indonesia Initiatives Forum (EII), a forum for IT practitioners in Indonesia.
The theme for this year's EII was 'Cloud Computing and Social Networking for Intelligent and Productive Indonesia'. The conference discussed the development of IT, as well as the challenges and opportunities in Indonesia.

Before presenting the main lecture, Tifatul gave special honoring remarks to the late Deputy Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Widjajono Partowidagdo, in front of ITB Rector Prof. Akhmaloka. He appreciated Widjajono's persistent hard work on energy.

"Mr. Wid is persistent because he is, not because he is driven by some sort of economic or political interests," said Tifatul. He was a sincere and has a big, brave heart. For Tifatul, Widjajono is a good friend when it comes to discussing national issues.

Information Technology in Indonesia

Information has not been evenly distributed throughout Indonesia. "There are still many areas in Indonesia without good access to information," said Tifatul. In 2012, under the Indonesia Connected program, the National Ministry of Communications and Information Technology planned to provide internet access for every resident of Indonesia.

He said, "The government has provided 50% internet access to society by developing the internet in 33.100 villages." In addition, through Smart Indonesia program, he said there are currently 5.748 districts in Indonesia that connect to the internet.

Government's initiatives on the development of the internet networks in remote areas is funded by the state budget through a pilot program. The development of the internet network in major cities is done to increase network speed. "It is better left to the IT services provider that operates based on profits," said Tifatul.

Even distribution and fast expansion of internet access is aimed to generate rapid increase of internet user and increase access to information. "When there are increased users and demands, the entire IT business will flourish in those regions, not only in big cities," said Tifatul.

In addition to giving public lecture, Tifatul also announced the education cooperation made between the Ministry of Communication and tertiary education institutions such as ITB, UI, ITS, University of Andalas, UGM, and other higher education institutions. The said cooperation is made in the form of scholarship for magister students.