ITB Aerospace Engineering Alumni Bestowed Award from the Queen of England

By Gilang Ariawan Wicaksono

Editor -

LONDON, - ITB is pleased to learn that one of its alumni, Asmayani Tjokronegoro (Aerospace Engineering 2000), succeded in bringing ITB's name to world class reputation in transportation safety. On February 24th, 2012 at the Buckingham Palace, she received an award for her dedication in flight safety from the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II, in a lunch banquet. Together with her team, Yani engineered flight safety planning system considered the best in England.

After graduating from ITB at 2000, she worked at National Committee of Transportation Safety (KNKT) as air safety investigator. Ever since her college time, Yani had been interested in flight safety field. Many flight accidents caused by human factors made Yani focused her study on human factor. Yani participated in many flight incident investigation and contributed in the development of KNKT.

After gaining four-year experience in KNKT, Yani continued her study at Cranfield University, England. With 'Course Director's Most Outstanding Student' award, she earned her Master degree in Human Factors and Safety Assessment in Aeronautics.

Cranfield University is awarded 'Queen's Anniversary Prize for Higher Education', setting aside another 18 universities and three institutions. This university was bestowed an award as world's pioneer in developing flight safery through researches and training in air accident investigations. 

While doing her study, Yani also worked as a consultant in a flight safety research company. At that time, she was involved in many important research projects specialized in fire, cabin safety, and accident analysis for various important flight institutions. She became project manager of cabin safety need research in firefighting training for cabin crews.

Currently, Yani works as a lecturer in Cranfield Air Transportation Department. This department is a place where Safety and Accident Investigation Centre did its development in flight safety fields.