Once Again, ITB Students Found a Free Learning Center

By UKM Student English Forum

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BANDUNG, itb.ac.id - To support the enthusiasm for learning of less fortunate children, ITB students involved Paguyuban Beasiswa Karya Salemba Empat (KSE) scholarship association had founded a free learning center at Balubur, Bandung. Since this one week, the learning center named Rumah Ganesha has been active as a place of learning for children living nearby," said the 
"Around Balubur, there are plenty of middle to lower-class economy families. Rumah Ganesha arrives to assist in teaching children there for no charge, and in the meanwhile, motivate them to continuously dig for knowledge," said the President of Paguyuban KSE ITB, Riko Maiyudi.

The manpower teaching in Rumah Ganesha consists of ITB students who receive scholarships from KSE. Everyday, at least three students visit Rumah Ganesha to share their knowledge with the children or assist them in doing their homework.

"By doing this activity, hopefully it will grow the concern and social empathy of the receivers of the KSE ITB scholarships so they will further appreciate the blessings given by God," said Riko.

An inelaborate house had been rented at one million rupiah per month for a year. It is this house which would then be functionalized as Rumah Ganesha. To cover the cost, all members of KSE ITB are collected payment of Rp50,000 per person.

"We have also submitted a proposal to prospective donators so that Rumah Ganesha can continue on living," said Riko.

Despite lacking supporting facilities such as tables and chairs for studying, the local children are still enthusiastically studying in Rumah Ganesha. Every day, at least five children study there.

"Because resources are limited at the moment, Rumah Ganesha only teaches primary school children. Local residents have actually asked for study courses at senior high school level," Riko explained.

Irsyad Akmala Mukhtar, one of the receivers of the KSE scholarship, admits enjoying his duty at Rumah Ganesha. "I'm happy that I can share my knowledge and give motivation to the children around here. It so happens that I also have the spare time," said the ITB Mathematics student.

The presence of Rumah Ganesha is greeted warmly by Balubur residents. Parents have immediately registered their children the moment Rumah Ganesha is socialized towards them a week ago.