"Aku Masuk ITB": Anyone Can Study in ITB

By UKM Student English Forum

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BANDUNG, itb.ac.id - The National High-School Examination has been done by thousands of high school students throughout the country. This time of the year, it's very common for any high school 3rd grades to be very busy in searching for college. In light of this, ITB conducted an event titled "Aku Masuk ITB" (I Study in ITB).

The event aimed to socialize ITB's policies concerning new students admission this year. Herry Dharmawan, president of ITB's student cabinet that time, hoped that the event could dispel all the myths surrounding the difficulties of getting admitted into ITB; mainly due to financial factors.

In that event also, ITB's Educational Director, Dr. Kadarsyah Suryadi, explained that every Indonesian citizen has an equal chance to continue their study  in ITB. This is notwithstanding to their financial conditions.

Fee Relative to Wealth

Starting this year, ITB accepts 100% of its students through SNMPTN, the national public test.

Kadarsyah stated that the cost it takes to finance one student's study is Rp. 108 million. If that students pays the tuition fee in full, ITB still has to chip Rp. 13 million in.

But not everyone has the financial capacity to pay in full. For this, ITB has various scholarships designated to those incapable of financing their tuition fee. 20% of the new students wouldn't have to pay a penny, while others would receive other partial scholarship programs from local governments and other governmental programs.

"There has never been any case where a student is dropped out due to financial incapability to pay tuition fee. Various sources are always there to help," Kadarsyah encouraged.

Herry also agreed that ITB should be applauded for its integrity in financing its students. It's also one of, if not the, most transparent higher education institution in the country, financially. "As long as you can study well, don't be afraid to go to ITB," Herry stressed.

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