Arkavidia 2.0: Career Day, Bridging Universities and the Workforce

By UKM Student English Forum

Editor -

BANDUNG, - The Informatics Students Association (HMIF) ITB held Arkavidia 2.0 for the second time. One of the events was Career Day, which was held for two days on Saturday and SUnday (19-20/02/2011) at ITB's West Hall. In this event, various companies involved in information technology came to give presentations and exhibitions.

"The main goal of Career Day is to widen students' knowledge about the differences between the work environment and academic classes. The theoretical knowledge that students' learn in class is actually quite difficult to apply to the work environment, so we are facilitating these needs," said Dannis Muhammad, the supervisor of this event (Informatics Engineering, 2007).

The concept of this event was to have company exhibitions like a job fair, but without on-the-spot recruitment. Participating companies could promote themselves, introduce their companies, and explain the criteria they need, so that students could prepare themselves with the needed requirements when they began to look for jobs.

The companies that participated in Career Days Arkavidia 2.0 were IF Assoc, Qwords, Lintasarta, Sangkuriang, Compnet, Multipolar, Dycode, Agate, Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia-Siemens Network, Patracom, Computrade TI, and Mobafone.

According to a visitor, an IT Telkom alumus named Frastuzi Affan, the concept of Career Day is quite interesting. "Concidentally, I just graduated and am currently looking for a job in information technology. I've laready applied to a few companies. So Career Day Arkavidia 2.0 has become a channel for me to get job opportunities," he said.