ISOC 2010: Tactile Texture of Soft Materials Seminar

By UKM Student English Forum

Editor -

BANDUNG, A seminar titled Tactile Texture of Soft Materials is one of the seminars held in the International Seminar on Cosmetics (ISOC) 2010 in the campus west hall. The seminar was delivered by Prof. Yoshinone Nonomura from Yamagata University, Japan. Yoshinone is also a skin-care researcher in the Kao laboratory, producer of the brand Biore. The seminar dicussed the development in tactile texture research and its implementation in the industry.

In everyday life, so many materials are designed to have skin-like texture; clothing, chairs, humanoid robots, and make up utilities. These materials have a specific market share.

This texture is designed by taking advantage of the psychological sensation of the user. For years now, psychologists and neuroscience experts have learnt the psychological sensations mapped by the human brain when sensing the texture of specific materials. The brain activity is mapped also when friction between the skin and certain materials happen.

The physical aspects, and many other factors, are analyzed statistically so that a factor that gives a tectile sensation is acquired. This sensation is then quantified in the Tactile Index of Biological Material (TIB), which is basically the degree of lifelikeness of a certain tactile structure.