50 Years of ITB: Infrastructure Facilities welcomes ITB 50 Years Celebration

By asni jatiningasih

Editor -

BANDUNG, itb.ac.id - Director of ITB Facilities and Infrastructure (Sapras), Endang Yuliastuti, said that years ago was a year where the ITB is a clean campus. "However, ITB nowdays is not only clean, but also beautiful," said Yuli, her nickname. The routine work that is done by Sapras makes the eyes pampered by the ITB 50 Years Celebration (Dies Emas ITB). TVST Garden maintenance added with solar cell installation around the park also asserts ITB as a campus that supports the government's issue about energy conservation.

Chosen the TVST garden as solar cell lights installation based on the consideration that at night that place needs lighting. Sufficient sunlight as a source of energy is also a consideration for Sapras. "Trees there do not have high-level so that the 14 lamps can be installed there," said Yuli to ITB News Office. Previously, ITB working with alumnee'78 was also have installed the energy efficient lights in the east of Campus Center basket court.

Next plan that will be realized this year is the central library renovation. Three Billions Funds is prepared to replace exterior of library and to add the Air Conditioning (AC) in thelibrary. "It is planed that the Exterior at first floor will be harmonized with ITB building in general, that is with the placement of natural stone ornamen," added Yuli. The need to place the projector in all lecture rooms in ITB will also become Sarpras focus of this year.

Not end at the building which is located on the campus, Sarpras also will reorganize the ITB dormitories. Girls dormitory and dormitory for foreign students also will be renovated in considering that ITB is going to be the World Class University.

This year, education fund that is given by the ministry of education to ITB will be increased consistent with the increased of Budget allocation for education up to 20%. The funds will be used to fund Sapras plans in this year 2009. Two-bus full of AC given by West Java Government also will soon be coming down this mid-March.