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Academic Book Fair 2009

asni jatiningasih - Selasa, 6 Januari 2009, 12:45:03
BANDUNG, Tuesday (6/1) up to next Sunday ( 11/1), Academic Book Fair 2009 -a college books special exhibition- have been going on by the cooperation of Indonesia Publisher Association (IKAPI) center, West Java IKAPI, Bandung city government, and ITB. Took place in ITB West Hall (Aula Barat), the exhibition attending by 42 various book publisher stands of university book publisher and private publisher around Indonesia. The exhibition opened at 09:00 AM with greeting and performance of Marching Band Waditra Ganesha. " With Academic Book Fair exhibition in campus, it is expected to make the barer campus and to push lecturers write more productively," said Nova Rasdiana, chief committee. Nova also stated that Academic Book Fair expected in moving University Press explore its publication potency and braid the marketing cooperation with private college book publisher. Thereby, variety, quality, and college books spreading will expand faster in the future.

Academic Book Fair 2009 participants such as Gunung Agung book store, Erlangga Publisher, ITB Press, FE-UI Publisher Organization, Java Books, ISEAS Singapore, Grasindo, Trisakti University, SUSKA Press Islam Negeri Riau University, and Airlangga Unversity Press Surabaya. Besides book exhibition, Academic Book Fair 2009 also filled with seminar, workshop, talkshow, competition, and book analysis. "University Press Reposition and Pathing" Seminar and "Reproduction Rights Organization: Management Writer Rights or Reproduction work" held in Monday ( 6/1), seminar " Reading Text Book Efficiently and Effectively", next Friday ( 9/1), " Indonesia Studies" seminar next Saturday ( 10/1). Scientific Writing Workshop, next Wednesday (7/1) and Editing Workshop, Thursday ( 8/1). " Winning a Scholarship" Talkshow  will be hold Friday( 9/1). Give the short story title competition will be hold next Saturday ( 10/1). At Last, book analysis masterpiece Noorca M will be hold before closing, Sunday ( 11/1).

In ITB stand, displayed some scarce book collections. The interest thing is Soekarno university enter note  -Indonesia First President- as ITB student year 1921-1926 noted at ITB source book year 1920-1931. Other scarce Book collection named " Kromoblanda", writen by Door HF Tillema ( 1922) concerning Indonesia in Dutch colonialism and " Paintings collection by Ir.Dr.Soekarno" showing his masterpiece paintings collection during his life.