Open Source Community in FSL Comlabs: Let's Use Open Source

By Mandeep Kaur Gill

Editor -

BANDUNG, Issues regarding the raids of pirated software equipment done by carried have come up recently, especially in Bandara Soekarno-Hatta, Jakarta. This issue is indeed true, as use of pirate software is relatively preferred due to weak purchasing power of the community. Students, as ‘the guardian of value’ should understand that intellectual richness is invaluable. One's economical condition is no excuse to limit creativity. Pirated software is not the only choice because there are many free or open source softwares such as Linux operating system. In Bandung, there already exists a Linux Open Source Community Club. Free IT Saturday Lesson (FSL), ITB Comlabs, Saturday (26/7) discussed the "Open Source Community” in TVST B Building. Rolly M. Awangga, Bandung Linux Club and Hilman, Open Source Software Efficiency (POSS) UPI were present as speakers. As Hilman described, OS community has a vision of changing the polarized thinking through exploration of potential and efficiently using open source optimally. Among OS’s visions are to broaden the thinking spectrum, develop the strength of the community free from piracy and prepare the community for an adaptive and technology savvy generation. OS community’s partners, among who are IGOS (Indonesia, Go Open Source!) Center, a program to use open source software in the government’s instant environment including the TI stakeholder (academic, business sector, government institute); POSS and Linux Club. POSS in ITB provide several services including the Open Source Software package, OSS trouble shooting consultation, training/workshop on OSS use and information newsletter with tips and tricks on OSS use. Activities of ITB POSS among which are OSS efficient use with development and adaptation of OSS, cooperation in OSS development, testing (function and quality), OSS user efficiency with call center/ help desk, certified OSS repository, training and certification, OSS socialization, POSS Network coordination to trade, replicate and share knowledge as well as experience; coordination with vendors. Several benefits of using open source operation system are that it prevents piracy, a reasonable price; the functions are better, free experimentation and learning the works of the system. There are many choices which can be used among which are Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, Mandriva, Slackware, PclinucOs and Zenwalk. Ubuntu is relatively used most because it is easier to install the application. It is completed with needed applications such as word processing, email, web server software and reprogramming equipment. A new desktop and server is released every six months, meaning users get the best and latest application offered in the open source world. like other distro Linux, Ubuntu is free and there is no licensing fee. Users can download, use and share Ubuntu with friends, family, school and business. A free and updated security system. Accessory software is provided online and Ubuntu latest upgraded versions are all free. For starters, many consultation forums that can assist are, or for ITB community,