To Give Useful Knowledge

By Mandeep Kaur Gill

Editor -

Kompas, Satuday (3/5)- The concept of university or acamedia is defined as a community with knowledge and culture that put higher education and research in a unit. This definition is changing from education with purpose of finding knowledge to education that solidifies society prosperity. The change of definition as placed university not just as a transfer pod of knowledge between lecturers and students. Universities also have a role in the learning process that is useful for society. Alongside development of the era, universties have extended obtables. ITB Rector Prof Dr Droko Santoso stated that the concrete obstable for universities is to produce knowledge and technology as well as useful human resource. In carrying out Tri Darma Perguruan Tinggi, which is education, studying and service to the society, universities as an academic instituytion has to be aware of the relation with social contact of the community. Service commitment is shown in many forms of research. In 2005, ITB was committed to be the internationally standardized research university. Djoko stated, ITB research is focused on 5 fields, energy development, information technology and communication, environment and water, biotechnology as well as art and design. One form of alternative energy development made by ITB is biogas technology based on cow dung. ”Around 1000 biogas reactors substitutes oil has been felt by the society of the districts, like Lembang and Pengalengan. The results can also be felt by the communities in Sumatra, Lampung and Gorontalo,’ said the ITB Business industry and Incubator Director, Suhono Harso Supangkat. Seeing the geothermal energy potential of West Java as big as 6.101 megawatts have not been tapped into, ITB has opened a Geothermal Engineering Master’s Study Program this year. With this program it is hoped that the human resource needs of members and professionals can be filled, and geothermal management can be handles on our own without having to depend on foreigners.