Prof Hiro Homma's Advance Lectures

By kristiono

Editor -

BANDUNG, - On Tuesday (24/4), Prof Hiro Homa from Toyohashi University of Technology holds distance lecture with undergraduate students of Aviation Department of ITB at the American Corner Room, ITB Central Library. Started on 08.30 am, the lecture was about the balance of energy on extreme loading. Hiro Homma is a professor on International Cooperation Center for Engineering Education Development (ICCEED), Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan. Hiro also manage Laboratory of Integrated Structure and welcome for mechanical engineering students. His has extensive research on impact fracture mechanics and particle impact damage of advanced materials. Among of his students were Dr. Ferdyanto Gunawan and Dr Sandro Mihradi, Indonesian national. Advance lecture is regular activity on latest video conference technique and open to each ITB academic community.