Amar Rasyad: Starting a Business Doesn't Require Family Inheritance

By Mandeep Kaur Gill

Editor -

BANDUNG, - You have to be thick skinned, brave enough to take risks, sharp and receptive to be an entrepreneur. Don’t wait to get fired or inherit your family’s property. That was what the Ganesha Entrepreneur Club President, Amar Rasyad (TK’77) said to the participants of the “Leadership and Entrepreneurship” seminar in Basic Science Center B on Sunday 13th April. According to Amar, the key to entrepreneurship success is the ability and sharpness to identify the needs of consumes. “Sell things that consumers need, not what you have,” he said. Amar also said that entrepreneurs don’t have to own or make their own products but to simply help the sales of other people would be sufficient. Many young entrepreneurs focus too much on invention, thus always encountering problems in marketing. Amar emphasized that entrepreneurship is not a talent or an inherited trait. Many successes were the result of hard work. “Building a successful business is first started off by networking and hard work. Modal is not the question, as modal is not just an amount a money. Your brain is a form of modal! The choice is in your hands- would you rather be a whale’s ass or the head?” said Amar. Muhammad David (GD’01) took the chance to share his experience as an entrepreneur. David said that joining GEC gave him courage and inspiration to become an entrepreneur. The first step David took was by creating the D & D Consulting management that provides property business consultation. “GEC became a place to learn and for entrepreneurs to share their experiences between the senior alumni and young entrepreneurs. We get to learn from their success and failures,” David told us. The seminar officially opened by Resimen Mahasiswa Mahawarman Yon 1 ITB and supported by IA Jabar was to introduce and to plant an entrepreneur perspective among the young generation, especially ITB students. GATRA Director, Ir. Budiono Kartohadiprojo also attended the seminar.

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