'The Door' Art Exhibition by FSRD First Year Students

By Mandeep Kaur Gill

Editor -

BANDUNG, itb.ac.id- Hundreds of first year Arts and Design faculty students’ artwork were displayed in GSG for two days in arrow on Wednesday, 9th April and Thursday, 19th April. The artwork was the result of 206 students’ hard work and artistic talent, each contributing 7 pieces while undergoing TPB 2007-2008 The LAPI ITB, Trimed and Global Radio sponsored event was to help the TPB FSRD students to determine which study program to choose among Production Designing, Visual Communication Designing, Interior Designing, Pure Art or ‘Kriya’- Creative Art. The external purpose of the exhibition is to show what was taught during first year FSRD to the public, especially for students who were interested in joining FSRD for 2008-2009. “The theme of the exhibition is ‘The Door’ because the door is the tool used to move from one room to another room. So this exhibition is an activity for us to take the next step in FSRD,” said Faikar, the chairperson when questioned about the exhibition theme. On the first day, the exhibition was visited by 500 visitors who were ITB students, high school students and the public. On the second day “Transitions while studying Arts and Design Faculty” talk show was held. A first year student, a studio student and FSRD alumni who organized the event, Heru Hikayat were the speakers. Original article by niken

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