Mexican Embassy Presented Mexican Arts and Culture

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BANDUNG, - The Mexican Embassy held a presentation of the Mexican arts and culture last Thursday in room 9311. The presentation was attended by ITB students from various study programs. Luis Fernando Alva, Second Secretary Consular and Cultural Section, and Evarardo Corona Aguilar, DC of Mission of Mexican Embassy acted as the speaker.

The presentation was opened with a speech by Dr. Eng. Sandro Mihradi, Secretary of Non-Curriculer and Community Affairs of the Student Affairs Office. Sandro stated that the campus welcomes the embassy with open arms.

Luis and Evarardo gave a presentation on Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, famous artists from Mexico whose masterpieces describe their country's native culture. After the presentation, participants and committee were involved in a discussion on Mexican culture and culinary.

After the presentation, the embassy held the Spectacular of Lucha Libre exhibition to showcase Mexican arts and culture in the Soemardja Gallery in the Arts and Design Faculty. The exhibition was done last Friday (01/28/11) until Thursday (02/10/11) 09.00 to 16.00.

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