LPPM-ITB Prepares Post-Disaster Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Program in Banten and Lampung

Oleh Adi Permana

Editor Adi Permana

BANDUNG, itb.ac.id – Tsunami that hit the Sunda Strait has caused casualties and losses in several areas, especially in Banten and Lampung. Institute for Research and Community Service of ITB (LPPM-ITB) is planning to conduct post-disaster rehabilitation and reconstruction program, similar to program conducted in Lombok and Palu.

Hence, on Tuesday (8/1/2019), LPPM-ITB held a meeting to discuss the preparation for the Sunda Strait disaster mitigation in CRCS building, ITB Ganesha Campus, Bandung. The meeting began with a presentation on initial survey conducted in Banten on 3rd-7th January 2019 by Research Center for Disaster Mitigation (PPMB) team members such as Dr Mirzam Abdurrachman, Dr. Hamzah Latief, and Harkunti Pertiwi Rahayu, Ph.D.

Dr. Mirzam, who is a member of Petrology, Volcanology, and Geochemistry Research Group deliver a presentation about the activity of Anak Krakatau before and after tsunami hit on 22 December 2018. According to his observation, eruption column of Anak Krakatau has a height of 1.5-10 kilometer, with speed of 90 km/hour and 18-20 km/hour neutral buoyancy, as well as eruption intensity of once every 2-4 minutes.

The activity of Anak Krakatau often increases as day gets darker, hence making it harder to observe. On a photo displayed during the presentation, Anak Krakatau still emits eruption smoke. Mirzam also said that the surrounding residents often hear eruption bangs.

The location for the survey are along the coast of Karang Bolong Beach, Carita Beach, Tanjung Lesung Beach, Tanjung Jaya Beach, Sumur, Sumber Jaya, Cigorondong, Tamanjaya and Ujung Jaya. “Access to southern areas are quite difficult because the roads are damaged and wavy,” said Harkunti Pertiwi Rahayu from Development Management and Policy Planning Research Group.

On the same occasion, Dr. Hamzah Latief from Oceanography Research Group said that tsunami leaves biggest damage in Paniis Beach (Taman Jaya) and Sumur which is more to the south from Banten with considerable number of casualties. The height of the tsunami varies. For example, the tsunami was upto 2 meters high in Karang Bolong, 2.5-3 meters in Carita, and upto 3.6 meters in Tanjung Lesung.

The Secretary of LPPM-ITB, Irwan Meilano said that LPPM will immediately conduct both short term and long term community service programs. In short term, LPPM will build sanitary facilities to tackle clean water problem and build temporary houses.

LPPM will receive support from Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering (FTSL) to provide sanitary facility, and support from Department of Architecture, School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development (SAPPK) to provide temporary houses. “The exact location for community service program should be discussed further, while thinking about mid and long term community service programs,” said Irwan Meilano.

Previously, ITB sent disaster aid such as clothes, foods, medicines, and other aid for victims of tsunami in Banten and Lampung. The aid was received by the Coordinator of Volunteer Team of Kemenristekdikti at Aid Post of Kemenristekdikti, SMKN 3 Pandeglang, Banten, on Friday (28/12/2018). Aid from ITB will be given to six villages in four districts, namely Caringin, Jibut, Labuan, and Menes Districts. Those locations were chosen because the damage were severe and the places are used as shelters.

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