Graphic Arts Studio ITB and RMIT University Australia Held the 2nd Printmaking Exhibition

Oleh Adi Permana

Editor Vera Citra Utami

Art Prints by Tisna Sanjaya

BANDUNG, – In collaboration with RMIT University from Melbourne, Australia, ITB Graphic Arts Studio held the exhibition "Printmaking Today: 2nd Edition". It was held on 10-24 February -2023 at ITB's Soemardja Gallery, showcasing the art prints of their students, lecturers, and alums.

Through his writing "Personal to Communal Art Prints", Tisna Sanjaya views this exhibition as a collaboration between two institutions to convey one's art. As a graphic artist, he had been invited to RMIT School of Art Print Studio and felt the unlimited potential of fully expressing himself there.

"After a month working at RMIT, I created art prints using formal techniques such as etching, aquatint, sugar aquatint, and drypoint. I also apply informal techniques like performance filled with vivid imaginations," Tisna recounted.

His artworks led him to gather the spirit of creating from other communities, connecting science and art to encourage collaboration between ITB and RMIT.

Aurora Markel's Art Prints (RMIT)

This exhibition displays the existence and essence of printmaking. In an age where everyone craves instantaneous results, it still prevails with its complex and time-consuming procedures. Danuh Tyas, the coordinator of Soemardja Gallery, noted that the acts of arranging, printing, scratching, lining, scraping, operating pieces of machinery, lifting, and observing art prints are the little things that make up our daily life.

Printmaking practices are expected to thrive and build partnerships to become a driving force for culture. "Printmaking requires courage, patience, and consistency by the two campuses to carry its spirit of creating and achieving beneficial outcomes for both institutions and the environment," Tisna concluded.

Reporter: Inas Annisa Aulia (Visual Arts, 2020)
Translator: Favian Aldilla R (Civil Engineering, 2019)

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