Blood4nation : Giving Blood as The New Modern Lifestyle

Oleh Medhira Handinidevi

Editor -

BANDUNG, Friday (12/03/13), blood donation event has come again to ITB. This time, the event titled Blodd4nation was organised by the US Embassy and ITB and located at Center Library, ITB. The event was for 3 days and held parallel in 7 big cities around Indonesia.

For fulfiilling blood stock in Indonesia, the US Embassy initiated this event and call for Red Cross Indonesia to accomplish the mission. Using American Corner network that located in many big cities, US Embassy build a momentum for making blood donation as our new modern lifestyle. In this ocassion, Red Cross Bandung and ITB Rectorat appointed Center Library as the organizer of Blood4nation.

"The blood sack that was gathered here is planned to fulfill Red Cross Bandung demand,"said Yoka Adam Nugraha, S. Sos as Sub-Field of Guidance and Public Relation Services. Red Cross target's for 2013 is 4,5 million blood sack, but only 3,5 has been fulfilled. That numbers was 2% of the total population in Bandung. For todays blood donation, the target is 100 blood sack and planned to be fulfilled until the next 2 days.

This year Blood4nation was different from its precendences. "The main event will be held @ameria, Pacific Place, Jakarta. There will be famous celebrities such as Indra Bekti dan coboi Junior," stated Ypka. This kind of moments was a small steps towards making blood donation as a habit to everyone and finnally it will become our new modern lifestyle in Indonesia.

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