Unit Sumber Daya Informasi | Senin, 22 November 2004, 10:28:03 | Lihat foto berita ini
UPT Perpustakaan telah menerima 80 eksemplar buku baru dari pembelian buku tahun 2004. Buku yang dibeli adalah usulan dari seluruh departemen di ITB. Berikut adalah data buku baru yang telah diterima sampai tanggal 9 November 2004. 1. Bridges by ARCILA, Martha Torres; CHIANG, Serena; OUVRARD, Anne. Atrium Arto Editorial, 2003; Pesanan Dept. AR 2. Shigeru Ban by MCQUAID, Matilda. Phaidon Press, 2003; Pesanan Dept. AR 3. Modernism and the spirit of the city by WHYTE, Iain Boyd (ed). Routledge, 2003; Pesanan Dept. AR 4. Earthquake architecture: new construction techniques for earthquake prevention by GARCIA, Belen; BAIN, William; PAUL, Harry (eds). Watson- Guptill, 2001; Pesanan Dept. AR 5. The Coming biotech age: the business of bio-materials by OLIVER, Richard W.. McGraw-Hill, 2001; Pesanan Dept. BI 6. Understanding the genome; SCIENTIFIC American. Warner Books, 2002; Pesanan Dept. BI 7. Environmental biotechnology: theory and application by EVANS, Gareth M.; FURLONG, Judith C.. Wiley, 2002; Pesanan Dept. BI 8. States of mind: new discoveries about how our brains make us who we are by CONLAN, Roberta (ed.). Wiley, 2001; Pesanan Dept. BI 9. Elegant and easy rooms: 100 trade secrets for designing with style (Elegant and easy) by LANDIS, Dylan; MCGRIEVEY, David. Dell, 2000; Pesanan Dept. DS 10. Ancient designs by HAGE, Richard. iUniverse.com, 2004; Pesanan Dept. DS 11. Aluminum structures: a guide to their specification and design, 2nd ed. by FERRY, Robert L.; KISSELL, J. Randolph. Wiley, 2002; Pesanan Dept. DS 12. PC-based instrumentation and control, 2nd ed. (IDC technology series) by TOOLEY, Mike. Newnes, 1995; Pesanan Dept. FA 13. Pharmacy, drugs and medical care, 5th ed. by SMITH, Mickey C.; KNAPP, David A.. Williams & Wilkins, 1992; Pesanan Dept. FA 14. Nanosystems: molecular machinery, manufacturing, and computation by DREXLER, K. Eric. Wiley, 1992; Pesanan Dept. FT 15. The Architecture of computer hardware and systems software: an information technology approach, 3rd ed. by ENGLANDER, Irv. Wiley, 2002; Pesanan Dept. GD 16. Active tectonics: earthquakes, uplift, and landscape, 2nd ed. by KELLER, Edward A.; PINTER, Nicholas. Pearson Education, 2001; Pesanan Dept. GL 17. Applied finite element analysis, 2nd ed. by SEGERLIND, Larry J.. Wiley, 1984; Pesanan Dept. GL 18. Voice over IP technologies: building the converged network, 2nd ed. by MILLER, Mark A.. Wiley, 2002; Pesanan Dept. IF 19. Modern analytical chemistry by HARVEY, David T.. McGraw-Hill, 1999; Pesanan Dept. KI 20. Discrete mathematics and its applications, 4th ed. by ROSEN, Kenneth H.. McGraw-Hill, 1998; Pesanan Dept. MA 21. Introduction to differential equations and dynamical systems, 2nd ed. by WILLIAMSON, Richard E.. McGraw-Hill, 2000; Pesanan Dept. MA 22. Discrete-time signal processing: an algebraic approach by WILLIAMSON, Darrell. Springer, 1999; Pesanan Dept. MA 23. Applied regression analysis, 3rd ed. by DRAPER, Norman R.; SMITH, Harry. Wiley-Interscience, 1998; Pesanan Dept. MA 24. The New shop floor management: empowering people fro continuous improvement by SUZAKI, Kiyoshi. Free Press, 1993; Pesanan Dept. MS 25. Planning and control of manufacturing operations (Oliver Wight manufacturing) by KENWORTHY, John. Wiley, 1998; Pesanan Dept. MS 26. Art and illusion by GOMBRICH, E.H.. Princeton University Press, 2000; Pesanan Dept. SM 27. Earthquake science and seismic risk reduction (NATO science series IV: earth and environmental science) by MULARGIA, Francesco. Kluwer Academic, 2003; Pesanan Dept. TG 28. The Technology machine: how manufacturing will work in the year 2020 by MOODY, Patricia E.; MORLEY, Richard. Free Press, 2000; Pesanan Dept. TI 29. Organizational engineering: management is out! Engineering is in by KARTINEN, Paul. iUniverse.com, 2004; Pesanan Dept. TI 30. Accounting for managers by WEBSTER, William H.. McGraw-Hill, 2003; Pesanan Dept. TI 31. Framing places: mediating power in built form (Architext series) by DOVEY, Kim. Routledge, 1999; Pesanan Dept. AR 32. Fundamentals of analytical chemistry with infotrac, 8th ed. by SKOOG, Douglas A. (a.o).. Brooks/Cole, 2003; Pesanan Dept. FA 33. Analytical mechanics, 6th ed. (Saunders golden sunburst series) by FOWLES, Grant; CASSIDAY, George L.. Brooks/Cole, 1998; Pesanan Dept. FI 34. Electronics: a system approach, 2nd ed. by STOREY, Neil. Pearson Education, 1998; Pesanan Dept. FI 35. Introduction to electrodynamics, 3rd ed. by GRIFFITHS, David J.. Pearson Education, 1998; Pesanan Dept. FI 36. Physics, 5th ed. by BEISER, Arthur. Pearson Education, 1991; Pesanan Dept. FI 37. Electronic devices and circuit theory, 8th ed. by BOYLESTAD, Robert L.; NASHELSKY, Louis. Prentice-Hall, 2001; Pesanan Dept. FT 38. Basic paleontology by BENTON, Michael J.; HARPER, David A.T.. Addison- Wesley, 1997; Pesanan Dept. GL 39. Exercises in physical geology, 11th ed. by HAMBLIN, W. Kenneth; HOWARD, James D.. Pearson Education, 2001; Pesanan Dept. GL 40. Earth's dynamic system by HAMBLIN, W. Kenneth. Prentice-Hall, 2004; Pesanan Dept. GL 41. Design patterns (CD) by GAMMA, Erich (a.o.).. Addison-Wesley, 1997; Pesanan Dept. IF 42. Discrete mathematics, 4th ed. by DOSSEY, John A.; OTTO, Albert D.; SPENCE, Lawrence E.; EYNDEN, Charles Vanden. Addison-Wesley, 2001; Pesanan Dept. MA 43. Integrated physics and calclulus, vol. 1 by REX, Andrew F.; JACKSON, Martin. Addison-Wesley, 1999; Pesanan Dept. MA 44. Statistics: the exploration and analysis of data, 4th ed. Bk&Cdr by DEVORE, Jay L.; PECK, Roxy. Duxbury Resource Center, 2000; Pesanan Dept. MA 45. Modeling and simulation of dynamic systems by WOODS, Robert L.; LAWRENCE, Kent L.. Prentice-Hall, 1997; Pesanan Dept. MA 46. Machine elements in mechanical design, 4th ed. by MOTT, Robert L.Prentice-Hall, 2003; Pesanan Dept. MS 47. Manufacturing engineering and technology, 4th ed. by KALPAKJIAN, Serope; SCHMID, Stephen R.. Prentice-Hall, 2000; Pesanan Dept. MS 48. An Introduction to computational fluid dynamics: the finite volume method by VERSTEEG, H.K.; MALALASEKERA, W.. Prentice-Hall, 1995; Pesanan Dept. TG 49. Bioprocess engineering: basic concepts, 2nd ed. by SHULER, Michael L.; KARGI, Fikret. Prentice-Hall, 2001; Pesanan Dept. TK 50. Ergonomics: how to design for ease and efficiency, 2nd ed. by KROEMER, K.H.E.. Prentice-Hall, 2000; Pesanan Dept. TL 51. Geostatistics for environmental scientists (Statistics in practice) by WEBSTER, Richard; OLIVER, Margaret A.. Wiley, 2001; Pesanan Dept. TG 52. Water supply and pollution control, 6th ed. by VIESSMAN, Warren; HAMMER, Mark J.. Addison-Wesley, 1998; Pesanan Dept. TL 53. Electric circuit analysis, 3rd ed. by JOHNSON, David E. (ao).. Wiley, 1996; Pesanan Dept. EL 54. Organic chemistry, 8th ed. by SOLOMONS, T.W. Graham; RYHLE, Craig B.. Wiley, 2003; Pesanan Dept. KI 55. Digital design with CPLD applications and VHDL, 2nd ed. by DUECK, Robert K.. Delmar Thomson Learning, 2004; Pesanan Dept. EL 56. Structure and interpretation of signals and systems by LEE, Edward A.; VARAIYA, Pravin. Pearson Addison Wesley, 2002; Pesanan Dept. EL 57. Digital system design with VHDL, 2nd ed. by ZWOLINSKI, Mark. Pearson Education, 2003; Pesanan Dept. EL 58. Discrete mathematics, 6th ed. by JOHNSONBAUGH, Richard. Pearson Education, 2004; Pesanan Dept. EL 59. Problem solving with C++: the object of programming, 5th ed. by SAVITCH, Walter J.. Pearson Education, 2004; Pesanan Dept. EL 60. C++ how to program, 4th ed. by DEITEL, Harvey M.; DEITEL, Paul J. Prentice-Hall, 2002; Pesanan Dept. EL 61. Probability and statistics for engineers and scientists, 7th ed. by WALPOLE, Ronald E. (a.o.. Prentice-Hall, 2002; Pesanan Dept. EL 62. Laboratory textbook of anatomy and physiology, 2nd ed. by WOOD, Michael G.. Pearson Education, 2001; Pesanan Dept. FA 63. Industrial instrumentation (Iu-mechanical technology) by SUTKO, Al; FAULK, Jerry. Delmar Thomson Learning, 1996; Pesanan Dept. FI 64. Physics for scientists and engineers, 3rd ed. by FISHBANE, Paul M.; GASIOROWICZ, Stephen; THORNTON, Stephen T.. Prentice-Hall, 2004; Pesanan Dept. FI 65. Concepts of database management, 4th ed. by PRATT, Philip J.; ADAMSKI, Joseph J.. Course Technology, 2002; Pesanan Dept. GD 66. Modern operating systems, 2nd ed. by TANENBAUM, Andrew. Pearson Education, 2001; Pesanan Dept. GD 67. Surveying with construction applications, 5th ed. by KAVANAGH, Barry F.. Pearson Education, 2003; Pesanan Dept. GD 68. Fundamentals of database systems, 4th ed. by ELMASRI, Ramez; NAVATHE, Sham. Addison-Wesley, 2003; Pesanan Dept. IF 69. Inorganic chemistry, 3rd ed. by MIESSLER, Gary L.; TARR, Donald A.. Prentice-Hall, 2003; Pesanan Dept. KI 70. Computer science: an overview, 8th ed. by BROOKSHEAR, J. Glenn. Addison- Wesley, 2004; Pesanan Dept. MA 71. Linear algebra and differential equations using MATLAB by GOLUBITSKY, Martin; DELLNITZ, Michael. Brooks/Cole, 1999; Pesanan Dept. MA 72. Multivariable calculus, 5th ed. Bk&Cdr by STEWART, James. Brooks/Cole, 2002; Pesanan Dept. MA 73. Sampling: design and analysis by LOHR, Sharon. Brooks/Cole, 1998; Pesanan Dept. MA 74. Seeing through statistics by UTTS, Jessica M.. Duxbury Resource Center, 2004; Pesanan Dept. MA 75. Algebra: abstract and concrete (stressing symmetry), 2nd ed. by GOODMAN, Frederick M.. Prentice-Hall, 2002; Pesanan Dept. MA 76. Discrete mathematical structures, 5th ed. by KOLMAN, Bernard; BUSBY, Robert C.; ROSS, Sharon Cutler. Prentice-Hall, 2003; Pesanan Dept. MA 77. Calculus: concepts and contexts, single variable by STEWART, James. Thomson Learning, 2000; Pesanan Dept. MA 78. Contemporary linear systems using MATLAB by STRUM, Robert D.; KIRK, Donald E.. Thomson-Engineering, 1999; Pesanan Dept. MS 79. Fundamentals of geotechnical engineering by DAS, Braja M.. Brooks/Cole, 1999; Pesanan Dept. SI 80. Water supply and pollution control, 6th ed. by VIESSMAN, Warren; HAMMER, Mark J.. Addison-Wesley, 1998; Pesanan Dept. TL