The challenge to prepare a master plan for national tourism development in the early 1990s has become a milestone for ITB to take tourism as a serious subject matter. Tourism at that time was the country's strategic foreign exchange earner due to the decrease in national income from oil and gas. A strong political will to further develop tourism industries has encouraged the undertaking of tourism studies and has increased the demand for tourism planning. 

Accordingly, tourism courses were offered as electives at the ITB Regional and Urban Planning Department. The subject gradually attracted students' interest from the planning department and other fields of study. ITB is one of many higher education schools to undertake a tourism graduate program. Undergraduate education in tourism in Indonesia is predominantly vocational, serving the increasing need of the growing industry. In response to the aggravating issues in tourism development resulting from the industry's accelerated growth with all its consequences, ITB 1993 established a Center for Tourism Research to stimulate interest among students and faculty members. The Center is aimed at accumulating knowledge and experiences through research and lessons learned from cooperation with many local and national governments. With the accumulation of knowledge during that period, course materials on tourism became enriched and expanded. 

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