Master's Program in Sports Science

General Information

Sports coaching and development is one of the efforts to improve the quality of the Indonesian people. The success of a nation’s development depends heavily on the quality of the people as the central point of development. Therefore, efforts to improve the quality of Indonesian people both as a target and as a goal must be pursued through sports activities. The results of research and scientific studies related to improving physical quality and sports must be complied with and applied in the national sports coaching system. Coordination and cooperation between institutions and professional researchers who have broad insight also are important in order to carry out research. All research efforts and studies of science and technology related to the sport can be further utilized for the improvement of sports in the future.

Currently, the competition in the sports field is getting more intense. Each country is more competitive than ever in order to achieve the highest achievements in the international sports area. This is proved by the rapid progress of countries that are targeting international achievement by applying science and technology to foster sports achievements. In Asia and Southeast Asia, several countries have made extensive use of science and technology in sports coaching. This might directly or indirectly make it harder to achieve future achievements.

Various fields of science that strive to achieve the maximum level of human quality have developed rapidly. The elements of health and fitness have dominated human needs, awareness of exercising, or physical activity has been increasingly realized and executed in order to achieve a level of health and excellent life values. The impact of achieving a prime level of human quality is the demand for excellent achievement. Therefore, the goal to improve human quality and reach its optimal performance might be achieved through the increased human efforts to develop and utilize science and technology.

Research and discoveries in sports, science, and technology in analyzing human physical abilities are discovered through the analysis of human motion and physiological measurements, the discovery of sports medicine biotechnology, the development of increasingly complex and complicated equipment, proving human efforts to excel, also through the use of science and technology in sports.

Along with the previous developments mentioned, it is realized that Indonesia is behind in pursuing sports achievements because of the same occurrence on its sports science and technology advancement. Therefore, the role of higher education institutions as a warehouse for scientists and future technology research is important to participate in the progress, development, and implementation of science and technology in the field of sports in Indonesia. The Sport Science Master Program is offered to produce human resources who are strong and have broad scientific insight regarding sports science, produce sports experts who understand about health and who are able to integrate their knowledge to execute their professional tasks based on an integrative, honest, virtuous, and high work ethic.