General Information

Master's Program in Ocean Engineering was established in 2002 as a specialized program under the Department of Civil Engineering. In 2005, following a reorganization of ITB, Ocean Engineering Master's Program became a graduate program under the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

The developments in the Indonesian coastal and offshore field require experts specialized in Indonesian waters. To fulfill the demand of Indonesian ocean experts, the Ocean Engineering Master's Program offers courses and research opportunities in the environmental and engineering aspects of coastal and offshore infrastructures. Presently, this program offers two specialized fields of the subject: Coastal and Offshore Engineering. The ongoing research concentrates on the development and application of the two specialized fields. The research covers a wide range of topics including but is not limited to Beach Erosion and Coastal Protection, Stability of Coastal Structures, Design of Port and Harbor, Ocean Environment Modeling, Ocean Environment Measurement, Dynamic Response of Offshore Structures, Response Base Platform Monitoring, Platform Reliability Assessment for Reuse and Recertification and Submarine Pipeline Design and Installation.