Master's Program in Industrial Pharmacy

General Information

The development of science and technology has supported the development of medicines, especially in the fields of formulation, production technology, and drug quality control techniques, which have involved the application of sophisticated and complex equipment and methods. This occurrence then followed by the development of regulations in the pharmaceutical sector, particularly regulations in the industrial sector. The process of globalization in various dimensions of life also has impacted the globalization in the pharmaceutical sector through harmonization at the regional and global levels. Therefore, the need for professional pharmacists who able to solve problems related to the pharmaceutical industry is needed. The required competency by the pharmaceutical industry can be fulfilled the provision of a solid pharmaceutical scientific basis, which is focused on aspects related to the aspects of production and quality control of drugs.

School of Pharmacy ITB has offered the Industrial Pharmacy Master Study Program as an effort to produce human resources who have competencies for the pharmaceutical industry. This program is supported by the expertise and strong networks, as well as ITB’s partnership with the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory authorities, both from national and international.