General Information

The Groundwater Engineering program is developed due to the specific uniqueness of geology and water systems in Indonesia. Therefore, the hydrogeology of Indonesia must be studied thoroughly.

Basic competences of students in this program are in geosciences and fluid science. For the reason, non-geosciences students are required to take some basic courses in hydrogeology. Some original research is organized in this program as follows: volcanic hydrogeology, karst hydrogeology, hydrogeology of unsaturated zone, aquifer storage and recovery, petroleum hydrogeology, and the relationship between hydrogeology and engineering geology.

Prospective students are undergraduates from geological engineering, mining engineering, petroleum engineering, geophysical engineering, geophysics and meteorology, civil engineering, environmental engineering, earth physics, and physical geography.

The curriculum is focused on groundwater resource problems, groundwater as geological agents, and application of hydrogeology in engineering fields. Courses are packed into 36 credits that can be obtained in 3-4 semesters.