The role of biotechnology in shaping a sustainable future is crucial. It contributes to combating the COVID-19 pandemic in the medical field through vaccine development, innovative therapies, and diagnostics. Agriculture enhances productivity, reduces pesticide utilization, and develops resilient plant varieties. In the industrial sector, biotechnology efficiently generates enzymes, replaces toxic compounds, and provides innovative solutions. This interdisciplinary filled revolutionizes our sector-wide interactions with the environment for a better future.

Research Topics
The Master in Biotechnology Study Program of the School of Life Sciences and Technology (SITH) ITB emphasizes education and research with a concentration on molecular, cell, tissue, and system engineering. 

Through cutting-edge technology, it adds value to biological products. The ITB Biotechnology Master Study Program is accredited as EXCELLENT (SK No. 10208/SK/BAN-PT/AK-ISK/M/VIII/2021) and provides a high-quality education.

Students are encouraged to develop analytical and research skills while specializing in three areas: medical, industrial, and agricultural biotechnology. Students can also participate in the Double Degree program at Osaka University, and internationalization is promoted through guest lectures by international experts.
The program aims to produce graduates with high expertise by conducting research in various fields, from fundamental research for publication in prestigious journals to industry-relevant applied research.

Career Prospects
Career opportunities for biotechnology graduates are available in pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, cosmetics, renewable energy, agriculture, and research institutions. Graduates are qualified for positions as research scientists, laboratory researchers, bioprocess engineers, genetic engineering experts, biotechnology consultants, and project managers. Graduates can also become entrepreneurs by establishing their own biotechnology companies. As technology advances, the demand for skilled biotechnology personnel increases, presenting opportunities for rewarding and sustainable careers.

The Biotechnology Study Program continuously strengthens education through research addressing global issues and localized solutions derived from Indonesia's biodiversity—collaborations with academia, industry, government, and the community to enhance its impact further. Let us collectively advance the development of biotechnology as a solution in bioindustry, biomedicine, and agriculture.

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