The SITH-ITB Master's Program in Biology has the vision to become the leading master's program in the development of biological sciences; and a mission to develop education, research, community service, and collaboration in Biological sciences in developing Bioindustry to address the nation's challenges.

The significance of Biology in solving challenges in food, health, energy, biomaterials, and the environment is becoming more widely recognized. Thus, the Master's Program in Biology is designed to prepare students to become semi-independent researchers in the field of Biology through a combination of research and coursework, with various scientific fields such as Cell and Molecular Biology, Organismal Biology (micro and macroorganisms), Biomedical Sciences, and Environmental Sciences. This activity is supported by teaching personnel who are professionals in their respective professions.

Research Topics
Prospective students can choose between the Molecular, Cell, and Organism Biology(MCOB) and Environmental Biology (EB) tracks. With the existence of these two pathways, it is anticipated that learning will be more efficient and that students will acquire a more advanced understanding of Biology disciplines. The Master's Program in Biology requires students to complete 36 coursework and research credits within two years.

During their studies, students can participate in several programs, such as the Double Degree Program, which allows them to earn two degrees, from ITB and Kyoto University, in about three years, and student exchange programs with leading universities that can broaden students' perspectives with an international academic atmosphere.

Career Prospects
Graduates of the Master's Program in Biology have a high level of competence in the field of biology, allowing them to offer solutions to a variety of future challenges, work as teaching staff, become researchers in government or industrial agencies, or work independently as an entrepreneur in the fields of Bioindustry, bioconservation, and management of biological resources.

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