The Life Sciences and Technology school at ITB has a long-standing reputation in developing life sciences and technology since its inception as Biology Department. In the course of its growth, touching issues around sustainability and management of tropical resources, The School is required to build an academic framework on an interdisciplinary basis that combines the foundation of life sciences with other approaches, including social sciences, economics, and management.

Master’s program in Bio Management (previously named Management of Biological Resources and Tropical Environment) is established to fulfill that challenge. The program officially started in 2008 and was designed to respond to the need for professionals who are able to manage resources and the environment, specifically in a particular tropical region. The program aims to produce master graduates of applied sciences in Bio Management, who are experts in developing novel ways of managing our biological resources.

Research Topics
Research in Bio Management relates to issues around the sustainable use of bio-resources, using various interdisciplinary theoretical frameworks, including ecology, economics, and social. Generally, study in Bio Management can be divided into two main topics: area management and bio-product development.

Bio Management has special programs, including student exchange, a double degree with Kyoto University, and the Unification Program for ITB undergraduate students. The Bio Management Study Program has sent several of its students to carry out business and double degrees at Kyoto University since 2017. In addition, Bio Management offers ‘Program Penyatuan Sarjana bagi Mahasiswa Sarjana (PPSM)’ for outstanding ITB Undergraduate students to continue accelerated studies, which provides an opportunity for ITB students to complete the S1 and S2 programs within 5 (five) months. five) years, wherein the fourth year, undergraduate students can take an additional 6-12 credits of Master's level courses, which will be recognized when continuing their studies to the Masters's Program.

Career Prospects
Bio Management graduates are now spread across various public, private, and international sectors. The Bio Management study program equips graduates with a holistic understanding of a problem so that they can quickly adapt to a wide range of work sectors.

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