Sawunggaling Hotel

Sawunggaling Hotel provides services to ITB guests and alumni. It has 17 rooms (4 Executive Rooms, 12 Standard Rooms, and 1 Standard Corner), 1 meeting room for 15 people, Business Center, Art Gallery and CafĂ©. It is located at Jalan Sawunggaling No. 13 Bandung, phone +62-22-4212043. More about Sawunggaling Hotel

Student Dormitories, Visiting Professors, Researchers, and Foreign Students

ITB provides a guesthusouse and several student dormitories. The guesthouse is provided for visiting professors, researchers, and foreign students. It accommodates eight people, and is located at Jalan Bukit Dago Utara I No. 6.

There are also several dormitories for local and foreign students, and each dormitory is only for a single gender. Dormitory housing is for one year, however, an extension maybe requested.

The dormitories for local students accommodate 294 students in total, 245 male students and 49 female students. Among several dormitories provided, some of them are as follows:

  • Dormitory H, located at Jalan Cisitu Lama 27, with a capacity of 26 people, and one room is for three people maximum.
  • Dormitory Kidang Pananjung, located at Jalan Kidang Pananjung, near dormitory H with a capacity of 300 people, and each bedroom is for four people.
  • Dormitory Bumi Ganesha, located at Jalan Cisitu Baru No. 35, Bandung 40135, phone +62-22-2502445, with a capacity of 120 people, and each bedroom is for three people.
  • Dormitory Kanayakan (for females), located at Jalan Kanayakan Lama No 61, Bandung 40135, with a capacity of 180 people, and each bedroom is for three people. Phone +62-22-2512057, email:
For foreign students who wish to stay in the dormitory, they can reside in the following dormitories:
  • Dormitory for males, located at Jalan Sangkuriang No. 27, accommodates 48 students.
  • Dormitory for females, located at Jalan Kanayakan Bawah No. 61 , accommodates 204 students.