Doctoral Program in Visual Art and Design

General Information

Faculty of Visual Arts and Design offers a doctoral program for students who want to investigate fundamental problems in the nature and practice of Visual Arts and Design. The program is grounded in either studies of visual arts (paintings, printmaking, sculptures, and ceramics) or studies of design (product, visual, communication, interior, and craft) but strongly encourages inter-disciplinary studies in the domain of creative practice and creative research. It draws on the strength of the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design and the resources of ITB as a leading research university with excellence in arts, design and humanities; engineering, science, and business.

The Doctoral program in visual Arts and Design is at the cutting edge of creating new knowledge in art and design studies. Broad in scope, the program involves inter-disciplinary interest at both micro and macro levels, as it prepares students to become public intellectuals and transformative practitioners in the creation, dissemination, critical analysis, and appreciation of art-work and designed object; as well as for those wishing to serve as lecturers in visual arts and design studies.

Faculty of Art and Design's Doctoral Program