General Information

The ITB Doctor of Science in Management Program (DSM-ITB) provides students with an outstanding and intellectually meticulous research environment. The aim of this program is to create a new generation of scholars who have the following characteristics:

  1. Possess the ultimate comprehension, mastery, and authority on management science as well as the relevant analytical tools in such topics as economics, people and organizational behavior, mathematics, and statistics. These skills will be useful in problem solving, theory development, and business implementation.
  2. Possess the analytical-synthesis-evaluation ability to study the relevant literature useful in identifying, mapping, and developing the latest in management science.
  3. Possess a creative and methodological mindset to design and conducts independent research on recent management issues, and publish the completed work in an accredited journal.
  4. Possess the ability to pursue new findings which have both national and international merit, on the topics of organization complexity, technology, and human behavior in facing a global, competitive, and changing environment.
  5. Ability to communicate and implement the research findings towards developing management science.
  6. Produce research findings which will lead to further research development.
  7. Possess the capacity to recognize the contribution made by other researchers.

Management Science implements various disciplines in which it explains the concept of managing resources (people, methods, machines, and money) to achieve the expected organizational goals. Consequently, DSM-ITB is developed not only for those who have a management or economic background, but also those who have the desire to develop and implement management science in their professional endeavors. DSM-ITB is a Linear Doctoral Program of the Undergraduate Program, the Graduate Program in Business, and the Graduate Program in Management Science. However, DSM-ITB also accepts students from other social sciences from engineering and other disciplines as well.

Therefore the following categories apply at DSM-ITB:

  1. Those who hold a degree in either the Graduate Program in Business or the Graduate Program in Management Science will follow the Linear Doctoral Program with 46 credit hours.
  2. Those who hold a Master's degree in non-management science will follow the Non-Linear Doctoral Program DSM-ITB for three years comprising six semesters with 52 credit hours.
School of Business and Management's Doctoral Program