The Doctoral Program in Petroleum Engineering at ITB aims to produce fully prepared professionals who can work effectively in multidisciplinary teams within the dynamic oil and gas industry.

Research Topics
We understand the significance of the interconnection between engineering, geology, and geophysics in the petroleum field. Therefore, this program emphasizes the integration of these three disciplines through various challenging program activities. You will be involved in integrated team projects that include interpreting, synthesizing, and presenting data from these diverse fields of study. This will give you a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the oil and gas industry, preparing you to be a competent leader.

In this inspiring learning environment, you will be encouraged to think creatively, develop innovative research, and address research questions relevant to the oil and gas industry. We provide full support for developing your professionalism and expertise in this field, enabling you to contribute significantly to this ever-evolving industry.

Moreover, in this doctoral program, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with renowned researchers and practitioners in the oil and gas industry. You will have access to the latest resources and facilities to support your research. Thus, you will be able to produce impactful and relevant research within this industry.

If you are passionate about becoming a researcher and leader in the oil and gas industry, join the Doctoral Program in Petroleum Engineering at ITB. We will assist you in developing your potential, surpassing the limits of knowledge, and becoming an influential contributor to this crucial energy industry. 

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