German Study Scholarships for Graduates of All Disciplines

Oleh Krisna Murti

Editor -

Study scholarships are open to excellently-qualified junior teaching staff from state universities and researchers from state-run research institutions (1), excellently-qualified junior teaching staff from private universities (2) or from former IKIPs (3) in any field of study/research who hold a first degree (Bachelor's degree) with some teaching/research experience. They have opportunities to complete a postgraduate or Master's degree course at a German higher education institution and to gain a degree in Germany. 1 Applicants from public institutions should have full civil service status (NIP+KARPEG) or a Pre-Service Training Certificate (sertifikat latihan pra jabatan) before applying (at the latest before admission to pre-departure training course). If candidates are not in the position to get full civil service status yet, but are strongly recommended by their universities/institutions, DAAD will consider the applications. 2 Applicants from private universities must have a full-time staff status (letter of confirmation of permanent employment at the university from Yayasan). They must be teaching in degree courses in departments with "disamakan" status. 3 Applicants from former IKIPs (now universitas negeri) are not eligible, if they have obtained IKIP degrees only. Note: - Any teaching staff predominantly or exclusively involved in non-degree programs is not eligible. - A list of German Universities which offer Master's programmes can be found at the following websites: - Exceptions: see annex 5 Scholarship duration The study scholarship will be awarded for 10 to 24 months depending on the length of the chosen degree course or study project. Initially, scholarships are awarded for one academic year and can be extended for students with good study achievements to cover the full length of the chosen degree course. Value The DAAD will pay a monthly grant of 715 Euros plus travel and luggage cost and health insurance allowance. In addition to these payments, the DAAD will pay a study and research allowance. Tuition fees cannot be paid by the DAAD. Requirements * Sarjana (S1) Degree with minimum GPA of 3,00 (from 1-4 scale) * Besides previous academic achievements, the most important selection criterion is a convincing presentation of the applicant's academic and personal reasons for the planned study project in Germany. * The applicants are requested to bring the notification of admission issued by the German host institution for the desired degree course or proof of relevant contacts established at the time of application. Even if an applicant has qualified for a scholarship after the interview, the DAAD scholarship will only be granted after admission to the study program chosen. * Applicants must either have certified proficiency in English -TOEFL 550 points or IELTS Band 6 (obtained in the last two years before application) or good German language skills. * The age limit at the time of application is 31. * Applicants who have been in Germany for more than two years at the time they begin the scholarship-supported studies cannot be considered. Candidates who have applied for a DAAD-scholarship without success may re-apply to the DAAD Jakarta Office only once. Note for applicants from the field of music, fine art, design and film: Special leaflets providing information on specific application requirements can be obtained from the DAAD Jakarta office. For further information, please visit, Read more about study in Germany at,

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