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3 September 2014
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Prof. Sri Widiyantoro, Ph.D: First Indonesian Seismologists Wins Sarwono Award 2014

Tue, 02 Sep 2014 23:12:02

BANDUNG, itb.ac.id - Learning earth and its phenomenon is a science that is very worth to be developed. This is encouraged because of the large variety of natural phenomena which can not yet be predicted accurately by scientists, such as earthquakes. Currently, the science related to earthquakes tremendously controlled by each country, including Indonesia. As a country that is geologically located in the center of a pile of plates, Indonesia can be said to have a complex tectonic structure of the direction of the collision zone between the plates. This prompted the need for the development of the science of seismology for earthquakes or appropriate to be applied in Indonesia.

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Muhammad Firmansyah Kasim, Candidate for Doctoral Degree of The University of Oxford

Sun, 31 Aug 2014 22:37:57 Indonesia keeps on producing its best youth whose competence was admitted in international. So does Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), always endeavor to produce qualified human resources for the advance of this nation. One of them is Muhammad Firmansyah Kasim (Alumnus of Electrical Engineering 2009). He is studying particle physics in one of top universities, University of Oxford, to obtain Doctor Philosophy (DR. Phil) degree....Read more.

Prof. Safwan Hadi, Ph.D: Alternative Energy for Electrical Sources Based on Indonesian Waters Potential

Sat, 30 Aug 2014 21:24:31 BANDUNG, itb.ac.id - Indonesia is known as a country that has the potential natural resources. Not only from the mainland, Indonesian waters is also the potential to be able to become an alternative energy source. Based on research, Indonesian waters can be processed into electrical energy. That energy can be created from elevation tides, the difference temperatures, cash, waves, and the wind on the coastal of Indonesia. However, the condition of Indonesian waters's potential is still untapped as a whole. This requires for further development, and of course that is supported by technology and human resources who are able to develop the potential. ...Read more.

ITB Students Choir Achieved Five Awards in Bratislava Cantat 1 Competition

Thu, 28 Aug 2014 10:21:23 BANDUNG, itb.ac.id - ITB Students Choir brought proud news from Bratislava, Slovakia. They succeeded to achieve five awards in various categories. These awards are gold medal of Mixed Choir, Female Choir, and Folklore Choir categories; also awarded as Special Prize Interesting Choreography of the Folk Program and Grand Prix Award. Last award is the highest award that can be achieved in Bratislava Cantat I competition which held from Thursday till Sunday (21-24/08/14) in Bratislava, Slovakia....Read more.

Seven Students Being ITB Delegates in Conference of Science and Technology in London

Wed, 27 Aug 2014 22:52:51 BANDUNG, itb.ac.id - Seven students of ITB became representative of Indonesia as a participant in The 55th London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF) 2014 at Imperial College, London. The event was held from Wednesday (23/06/14) to Saturday (06/08/14). They are Alitta Yelsya Junanda (Math 2010), Puspa Aninda Paramita (Aeronautics & Astronautics 2010), Clarissa Olivia Susanto (Chemical Engineering 2011), Evarina Engelina (Geodetic Engineering 2011), Giofanny Chintia Rahmi (Industrial Engineering 2010), James (Civil Engineering), Sandra Dwiananda (Math 2011). During these two weeks, they present the results of their research and follow the lectures given in the field of science and technology that is being developed in the world....Read more.