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23 April 2014
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ITB Pharmacist Students Got Award on Business Plan

Mon, 21 Apr 2014 06:26:27 BANDUNG, itb.ac.id - ITB students achieved The Best Group and The Best Business Plan category in Biocamp competition held by PT Novartis Indonesia which cooperated with The Ministry of Research and Technology. The students are Lia Agustina and Estherina Juliana Marbun (Pharmacy). The award was given on (02-05/07/13) in Jakarta....Read more.

Energy-Efficient Building Is Trending, Architecture ITB Held High Performance Building Facade

Mon, 21 Apr 2014 05:17:55 BANDUNG, itb.ac.id - The Group of Building Technology Expertise in Architecture Major of Architeture and Urban Planning Major held a workshop on High Performance Building Façade on Friday-Saturday (04-05/04/14). The workshop was in Computer Laboratorium of Architecture ITB. The main speaker of the day was Dr. Ery Djunaedy, Ph.D, Building Simulation Specialist, University of Idaho, Boise, USA. There were forty people who joind the workshop. They were the students of Architecture undergraduate and graduate students and architecture consultants. ...Read more.

ITB Give Appreciation to Donors and Sponsors Student

Sun, 20 Apr 2014 18:06:55 BANDUNG, itb.ac.id - The scholarship programs and student activities at ITB cannot run without the help of donors and sponsors , including from the government, partners, or ITB itself. Therefore, in order to strengthen the relationship with the partner of ITB, The Student Foundation (LK) ITB held "ITB Scholarship and Sponsorship Gathering" on Friday (21/03/14). The event was held at Aston Primera Pasteur Hotel which was also intended to appreciate those who have contributed in a variety of student programs at ITB....Read more.

Global Youth Festival 2014: ITB Students Spread Inspiration for Work and Change the World

Sun, 20 Apr 2014 18:01:04 BANDUNG , itb.ac.id - The youth has the passion to do things that benefit others . Concrete steps are done lads can actually make a difference to the lives of the world community. This is the background of the implementation of the Global Youth Festival (GYF) on Sunday (23/03/14) at 08.00-16.00 at ITB . GYF 2014 organized by ITB students who are members of AIESEC Bandung aims to facilitate youth with a global mindset ....Read more.

Creating Blocker Noise Tool, Sedap Malam Team Achieves 1st Place in Okinawa Japan

Thu, 17 Apr 2014 22:42:21 BANDUNG , itb.ac.id - Communication is an essential element in the life of man as a social being. As the rate of people movement getting high, the distance and the time difference between human beings cannot be avoided. This was overcome with the advancement of technology so that the difference in distance is not an obstacle to communicate. But in doing long-distance communication on the phone for example, there is often a sound disturbances called noise. This noise was very disturbing the effectiveness in communication. Based on that event, Sedap Malam team consisting of Idham Hafiz , Aditya Ferry , Septian Gilang (Electrical Engineering 2010) designed a useful tool to reduce the noise in the communication . The tool was called System on Chip Design ( SoC ) and Implementation for Noise Cancellation  System . In March 2014--thanks to this tool--Sedap Malam team won the first title in the competition competitions 17th LSI Design Contest in 2014, Okinawa, Japan .
...Read more.